8th May 2023

This is not a post to debate and discuss the relative merits of the Anarchist and Anti-Authoritarians who chose to defend Ukraine from the Russian state's invasion. We're not here to get lost in sophistry, rhetoric, or politic.
We're here to remember the fallen, their lives and their works.

This is an imperfect list, one which I suspect will be added to as the war continues. We will expand these memorials with separate pages, sharing what we know of these comrades, their lives and their stories.

If any of the informational here is inaccurate, or you wish to share additional links and help us expand upon these short memorials, please contact us at Organise @

Igor “Crimean” Volokhov 
Died: 02-03-22 near Kharkiv

Igor was a determined and ideological anarchist. He supported his friends who were or are prisoners in the Russian Federation – such as Alexander Kolchenko and Yevgeny Karakashev. As a law student, he was at the forefront of his students’ union. He dreamed of organizing a network of cooperatives throughout Ukraine. He was a bright, cheerful and imaginative person. He was an inspiration to many. Since the start of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, he joined the defenders of the city and fought bravely to keep the occupying forces at bay. He died as a result of a missile attack.

Original report:

Yuri “Yanov” Samoilenko 
Died: 13-09-22 Kharkiv

"Since the first days of war, your trail has not been lost..."
Our commander and comrade, senior lieutenant Yury "Yanov" Samoilenko, died in the battles in the Kharkiv region. A strong noble man, he combined idealism, intelligence, principles and courage. And also the ability to be a leader, organizer and combat officer. A longtime member of the anti-fascist movement, he was one of the few people with a strategic vision of where we should go. In his last fight, he went first.

We will always remember you! And this memory will lead us forward in our struggle.

- Resistance Committee

Original report:

Sergei “Rubin” Petrovichev
Died: 13-09-22 Kharkiv

Sergei Petrovichev, aka Vasily Volgin, aka “Rubin”. A former Russian nationalist who, after the beginning of the Russian invasion in 2014, came to Ukraine and fought on the side of the Ukrainians. He lost his leg in 2015 to a mine. During this time he became a socialist and was known to participate in Anarchist actions in Kiev. After the start of a full-scale invasion, he once again took up arms to defend Ukraine.

Olga "Tisha" Volkova
Died: End of the summer 2022 -Kharkiv

Olga "Tisha" Volkova was an anarchist and feminist from Kharkiv. She was active in a local community center where she was involved in educational activities such as teaching children to play the guitar and others. After the start of the Russian invasion, she served in the Kharkiv Territorial Defense as a medic and organized a mini hospital for military and civilians in her apartment. During combat operations, it suffered from artillery fire and was withdrawn from the front.She died of a heart attack while convalescing. Despite the fact that it took place at the end of the summer, it was only recently that information about her death was made public.

Dmytro “Leshyi” Petrov
Died: 19-04-23 Outside Bakhmut, ambushed while defending evacuees.

A founding member of the Resistance Committee and Combat Organization of Anarcho-Communists (BOAK), a consistent revolutionary and internationalist. Leshy took part in the grassroots resistance and in the popular uprisings in Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus. At the start of the war, he prodigiously shared information about the anarchists in Ukraine with comrades across Europe and spoke on their reasons and methods.

You can learn more about Leshy here:

Organise link to various eulogies and works:
Additional eulogies:

Finbar “Çîya Dehmat” Cafferkey 
Died:19-04-23 Outside Bakhmut, ambushed while defending evacuees.

Well known in Ireland, Rojava, and Greece as a diligent and focused organiser who would consistently put himself in harms way to oppose injustice, Finbar is missed by a great many. He was dedicated to liberty and equality for all. A quietly courageous man when the invasion began he went to Ukraine without any grand standing or fanfare, telling hardly anyone. This wasn't about him, there was great injustice and it needed people to stand again it, so off he went.

Andrew Flood:
Máire Ní Mhórdha:
From Polish comrades:

Cooper “Harris” Andrews 
Died: 19-04-23 Outside Bakhmut, ambushed while defending evacuees.

"If I am martyred, remember me with my hammer."

A former US Marine, he was part of the Foreign Legion and later the Resistance Committee. He is well remembered by those who knew him as a bit of a character, funny and light hearted, although entirely dedicated to the cause. A prodigious member of the "Popular Front" community he was well known for helping people in person and remotely. Back home he was active in the Cleveland community and spent much of his time helping empower people and build systems of mutual aid and solidarity.

To qoute his mother "Before he departed we had conversations about Spain and fascism and history, and he made it clear to me that he was going because of the humanitarian needs of the people there. He was so disturbed by what was happening, and for him, it wasn’t just about war in the abstract as it is often represented in the media–we bombed this or that, drone strikes and weapons donations–but about the lives of everyday people struggling against a fascist regime."

She has founded the "Cooper Andrews Memorial Fund" which will raise funds for mutual aid in the Cleveland area for causes close to Cooper's heart.

Jake Hanrahan:
Solidarity Collectives:

In memory of the last three Emment Doyle has wrote a song in tribute: Bakhmut Town

Sergei “Banana” Ilchenko
Ukrainian (?)
Died: 11-06-23 Septic shock resulting from injuries sustained two months earlier in a Russian air strike.

Banana was a combatant with the anarchist group "Black Flag". "In life, SergeI was such a person who always fought to the end, and in this situation as well. He fought for his life, he remained a real warrior until his last breath, just yesterday he was supposed to be transported to Germany, but his injuries were stronger. We thank all of you, everyone who joined, everyone who tried with us to save him, it shows that the sacrifice of "Banana" was not in vain, it shows that he died for the Ukraine for which he really fought, it shows that we will forever keep in our hearts this brave, smiling, honest, kind and steadfast, resistant to the very end."
- Solidarity Collectives

Died: XX-11-23 Died in the fighting near Avdiivka

A well known London Anarchist whos served as a paramedic and combat medic.

The family has asked for no media coverage, so we will leave this space minimal.

Remembering Joy:
Various Ukrainian Forces:

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