Organise! is the magazine of the Anarchist Federation (AFed). It began life in 1984 as 'Virus' an Anarcho-socialist Magazine. The makers of virus soon changed the subline to 'The enemy within: Militant Anarchism' and by issue five, were in touch with some like minded people in what was at the time called the Anarchist Communist Discussion Group. Virus announced it's support for the group in their magazine, and they worked jointly on content. As 1986 began, the Anarchist Federation was formed out of Virus, the discussion group, and many others. This year also saw the release of issues 6 and 7 of virus, the later including the founding aims and principles of the Anarchist Communist Federation (as it was then known). At issue 14 Virus changed its name to Organise! and hasn't looked back since. Since then we have continued to publish Anarchist news, views, reviews and analysis, from both here in the UK and internatinally

Organise! is non-profit, paid for by subscriptions, kind donations, AFed members subs and the odd bookfair sale. All staff and submissions are voluntary

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The Anarchist Federation fight for a world without leaders, where power is shared equally amongst communities, and people are free to reach their full potential. We do this by supporting working class resistance to exploitation and oppression,organise alongside our neighbours and workmates, host informative events, and produce publications that help make sense of the world around us. We are a part of The International of Anarchist Federations (IAF/IFA).

As of 2019 Organise! is published consistantly online and twice per year in print with the aim to provide a clear Anarchist viewpoint on contemporary issues and to initiate debate on ideas not normally covered in agitational papers. To meet this target, we positively solicit contributions from our readers. We will try to print any article that furthers the objectives of
Anarchist Communism. If you’d like to write something for us, but are unsure whether to do so, then feel free to contact us through any of the details below.The articles we host do not represent the collective viewpoint of AFed unless stated as such. Revolutionary ideas develop from debate, they do not merely drop out of the air! We hope that this publication will help that debate to take place.

Organise! in print is sold for £3.50 (£1 P&P) as standard except for prisoners, libraries and protest sites. We offer several method of subscription including Patreon, Paypal, Direct bank Transfer and Cheque as well as through Active Distribution & AK Press. Any questions please just shoot us an email.

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- This magazine and all it's contents unless corpy left and anti-copyright unless it a direct share from an external source in which case, check with them.
- We moderate comments to stop nazis & trolls. We will approve anything else including critisims.
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