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Anarchist Federation - The Website of the Anarchist Federation in the UK
Solidarity Federation - Home of the revolutionary union Solf-Fed, part of the International Workers Association (IWA)
IWW - Website of the UK segment of the International Workers of the Work (IWW) revolutionary union

International of Anarchist Federations - The Website of the International of Anarchist Federations
CIRA - Japanese Anarchist News hub
Zabalaza -The Website of the Zabalaza Anarchist Communist Front of South Africa
Prameń - Belarusian Anarchist group
ABC Belarus - Anarchist Black Cross Belarus
Anarchist Solidarity - Korean anarcho-syndicalist organization hosting translated resources and critical pieces.
Malankism - South Korean Anarchist organisation.

UK List - Via Freedom News
USA/Canada List - Via It's Going Down

Dope - Dope is the utterly lush magazine of Dog Section press with on point politics taking on the major issues of life and revolution
Le Monde Libertaire - The Journal of the Fédération Anarchiste
Radical Housing Journal - Autonomous gigital magazine taking on housing and homelessness with a focus on fostering grassroots action and change.
Rebel City - A free anarchist paper and social media collective based in London
Umanita Nova - The magazine of the Federazione Anarchica Italiana founded in 1920
Avispa Midia - Latin American investigative journalism and reporting
Undercurrent - Revolutionary and radical online magazine in the United States of America

Reproductive Justice - Compiled by Black Women Radicals this is a comprehensive and vital list of texts.

Libcom - News/Tools/Archive for Libertarian Communists. One of the principle websites of the English speaking revolutionary community
Live Like The World Is Dying - Resources list for tactical knowledge, storefronts, educational materials etc
China Labour Bulletin - A map of China's labour disbutes, calls for support and incidents at work.
Anarchist Radio Relay League - Ham radio for Anarchists
Strike Map - A interactive map of strikes in the UK

Active Distribution - Carslberg don't do Anarchist distros but if they they did, it would look like this
AK Press - Worker owned, worker ran press that operates on both sides of the Atlantic
Dog Section Press- Not-for-profit publisher and distributor of seditious literature who produce DOPE magazine amongst other things
Freedom Press - Since 1886 Freedom have ran a regular journal and organise the largest Anarchist publishing house in the UK
Punx - Deconstructors, Trouble Making Agitators, DIY Noise Insurgents & Manufacturers of Dissident Political Wear supporting activists, unions and benefits

Schnews - The weekly direct action news publish out of Brighton from 1994 - 2014 with some 850 editions
The Sparrow's Nest - We focus on the history of anarchist groups and individuals in the UK and beyond.
The Anarchist Library - Probably the largest Anarchist Library online
The Korean Anarchist Library - Probably the largest Anarchist Library online, in Korean.
Antimythes - French resources point with a large volume of texts and materials.
Southeast Asian Anarchist Library - a multi-lingual library for anarchist and libertarian literature from Southeast Asia or translated into Southeast Asian languages.
LIDIAP - list of digitized anarchist periodicals (HUGE)
Anarquis Molatino - A collection of anarchist, syndicalist, and labor periodicals from Latin American countries.
ANON Spanish Language Library folder - Near 100gb of Spanish language Anarchist theory and materials.

Radie Libertaire - Anarchist radio station based in Paris
A-Radio - Anarchist radio out of Berlin

Image Scrubber - Removes metadata from photos and allows you to blur areas to mask identifying features.

Self-Help for Revolutionaries - A Guide to managing burn out during revolutionary struggle.