To make a submission to Organise! contact us at [email protected] , via a direct message on social media or use the contact page here on the site.

We have a rather loose and malleable policy regarding submission. As a general rule of thumb we play host to articles, art and media created with a broad spectrum Anarchist or Socialist viewpoint which can include articles which are not neccesarily aligned with the aims and principles of the Anarchist Federation or the International of Anarchist Federations. We feel it is of vital importance to to keep the Anarchist discussion open and persistantly developing however we will not host anything with goes against these principles such as article promoting nationalism (whether as a fascist ideology or one of self determination), authoritarian politics such as Stalinism or Marx-Leninism or bigotry in any manner.

We do not pay for content. This is due to our position as a organisation of Anarchist agitants and the nature of being an employer.
Put simply if we pay for an article it places us in a position of power over a comrades income and the authors voice is being restricted to our parameters as they trade their labour for our gains.

In our relationships with proffesional writers and "paid contributors" we generally seek to establish a "moving wall" agreement or source articles from their personal archives.

Writing for a revolutionary Anarchist magazine can have a direct impact on a persons ability to survive capitalism and indeed live in safty so we only credit articles when requested to do so.
If you would like to be credited please specify this and if you would like a bio attached include one with your submission.

We reformat articles and Images to meet our needs but will not edit your submission without permission. It will be shared "as is".

We accept submissions in all formats however reccomend using opensource software such as Libre Office or Open Office.

Finally it's worth a note that we are not proffesionals, we are not The Grauniad or Vice. This is not our stock and trade, we work on this for the love of it and to help build a better world. Spelling mistakes are traditional and sometimes we are going to "get things wrong". We aim to promote articles and comrades personal, vocational endevours where possible but we are not a paid for agency and you should not expect a "service".

The Anarchist Federation is diverse in character with a multitude of genders, races, creeds and sexualities from across the world with a wide age range from teenagers to pensioners, None of whom see any personal gain from this magazine. Please bare this in mind when assessing the power dynamic that we share as contributor and publisher, we seek a mutually beneficial relationship as equals.