Network S is a project of the Anarchist Federation with the aim to provided resource and support to Organisers looking to establish new networks. This will be expanding rapidly over the next few weeks with material from ourselves and others, so watch this space.

Documents from the Anarchist Federation
The following documents are some of our core material stripped of our ident so that comrades can easily customise them for their own purpose. If you wish to acknowledge us in your version, please do, however we do not demand this. These are presented with sections for you to enter the name of your organisation and in a manner we hope makes editing to suite your specific context easy.

If you need support designing documents and preparing them for print, let us know.



Protest Guides

Tear Gas - What it is and how to fight against it
Safer in the Streets (A visual guide to dealing with police at protests)
A Demonstrator’s Guide to Body Armor

Street Medic Links
Paper Revolution - Street Medic Guide
Mutual Aid Disaster - Relief - Health and Wellness Links
Riot Medicine
Medic Wiki
Rosehip Medic Collective -Resources

Resource Links
Protest Tips from HK -
Organise! Yellow Pages -
Social Media Admin Guide -
Getting a Crew Together -

Issue Managment
Links to educational materal on transphobia. -

If you would like to share templates, resource links etc feel free to email us [email protected],uk

There is a Facebook group for discussion and sharing
Network S group on Facebook.