Dispatch From Khartoum #1


19th January 2022

To our anarchist comrades, a short note on what happened in the demonstrations of January 17.

There were violations and (tactics of) excessive repression practiced by the government forces against the defenseless peaceful revolutionaries. This led to the martyrdom of 7 revolutionaries in the center of the capital, Khartoum, and serious injuries from the use of live ammunition.

The people decided to take control of the capital, Khartoum, and all the cities of Sudan, and to declare comprehensive civil disobedience as of today, January 18, 2022.

Now and until this moment the revolutionaries control all the streets with checkpoints. The security forces appear and disappear from time to time to practice their excessive suppression of the revolutionaries, but despite this, the revolutionaries are in a stabile state and the streets remain closed by their orders and the revolutionary system.


Sudanese Anarchists Gathering
(Mild editing by Organise)

Dispatch #2


Càirt bho Khartoum

A chompanaich anarcaich, seo cairt bheag air na thachair sna h-ar-a-machan 17mh Faoileach

Chuir an Righaltas a’ chuip air druim nan rèabhaltach sìtheil a bha gun dìon. Chaidh seachdnar a mhartarachd ann an cridhe a’ phrìomh bhaile, Khartoum, agus chaidh tuilleadh dhiubh a ghoirteachadh le ammo beò.

Ghabh an Sluagh thairis a’ phrìomh bhaile, agus a h-uile baile mòr san t-Sudan. Dh’fhoillsich iad nach gabh iad òrdughan an riaghaltais bho seo, 18mh Faoilleach, a-mach.

A-nis, agus gus an-dràsta- tha na rèabhlaidich air smachd a ghabhail air na sràidean le àiteachan-sgrùdaidh. Thèid Airm an Riaghaltais a-steach ’s a-mach, a’ cleachdadh an dòighean truime son bacadh a chuir air na rèabhlaidich. Ach a dh’ aineoin cùis’, tha na rèabhlaidich nan seasamh gu làidir , agus tha na sràidean fhathast dùint’ air na h-òrdughan aca agus buaidh an t-siostaim rèabhlaidich.


These are the faces of some of revolutionaries who have lost their life at the hands of the state.

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22nd June 2022

The player is instructed to deliver 20 CVs (job applications/resumes) into “submission boxes,” which are appropriately trashcans, scattered throughout a nearly deserted city, the only inhabitants being Scotty, the Centrelink desk clerk, and a giant floating Scott Morrison head. I’m not kidding.

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21st June 2022
A Twisted History of the USA | Review

Suffice it, then, to say that this is not a history text in any real sense. Certainly, it contains historical claims and some of these are true. Others are half true, and others still are simply wrong or ill-thought.

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21st June 2022
Support The Rail Workers Strike! | Current Events

If you support every worker getting a pay rise, please support our actions on the 21st, 23rd and 25th June.

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20th June 2022
London Demands Better | Current Events

The cost of living crisis is a crisis of capitalism. You don't have to be an expert in economics to understand that a sudden rise in inflation without increases in pay leaves many unable to afford the very basics of life.

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18th June 2022
Pastries, Freedom, and Love | Interview

The Commoner sat down with Airidescence to discuss the inspirations for their art, how Pastries, Freedom, Love came to be, and what projects are on the horizon for 2022.

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16th June 2022
State and Revolution | Review

Lenin constantly speaks of the destruction of the state mechanism; but he wants to destroy the bourgeois state mechanism to replace it with another, equally bureaucratic and cumbersome, of the communist party.

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