Dispatch From Khartoum #2


23rd February 2022

February 7th
The demonstration did not witness the martyrdom of any of the rebels There's just been some injuries, and they're all stable. The central demonstrations that bring together Khartoum Bahri, Omderman and Khartoum city will be in one place, central Khartoum, on February 14.

February 21st
Processions in the three cities of the capital One martyr (8-year-old boy) was ran over by a bus driven by a citizen in Tress next to the Amsiti lounge in Berri, Khartoum, which led to his immediate martyrdom.

More than 200 injured in Khartoum, 87 injuries (hospitalized). Of these, 20 were hit by tear gas canisters, 12 in the head and 3 must be transferred to specialized hospitals.

One comrade has got shrapnel from a sound bomb (Ed. Flash Bang Device?) in the eye. He was transferred to a specialty hospital. A man was injured when he was run over by police and a child suffered a broken rib due to a stampede. The rest are in stable conditions and thank God.

In Omdurman, 33 injuries (confined to us and hospitalized). Of these, 16 were injured by tear gas canisters in various parts of the body (head/chest and leg).10 in the head. One person got a rubber bullet in the legs. He's got splinters from a sound bomb in the left hand. 5 injured were brutally beaten, all of them and the rest are in stable condition, thank God.

67 were injured people in the city of Bahri were able to reach the hospital in addition to dozens who were rescued on the ground, 2 with gunshots. The first in the hand, breaking 3 fingers and shattering the bones. The second was shot twice in the left leg and right arm.

6 of the injured were ran over by Thatchers (Ed. militarised pick-ups) belonging to the coup d'état. The first is a child who was ran over, causing multiple injuries, and he's going to need to see a specialty hospital, no fractures, thank God. The second was ran over causing sporadic injuries to many parts of his body, no fractures, thank God. The third child was ran over, causing chest, head and legs injuries. No fractures, thank God. He was sent to hospital to be and will need to be seen by a brain specialist. Of the remaining 3 who were ran over (one by a digger), one suffered a broken neck and a head injury and willalso need to be seen by a brain specialist.

February 22nd
A large number of detainees have been released due to the continuous pressure of the daily demonstrations on the government. The government's financial treasury has gone bankrupt and they are now about to fall.

Sudanese Anarchists Gathering
(Mild editing by Organise)

Dispatch #1

CONTENT WARNING BELOW: Person hit with vehicle.

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