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15th May 2024

When discussing the on-going situation in Palestine we are often asked “What can I do?” and “Who would you suggest I give aid too?”. Our answer is Gaza Aid Direct, the organisers of which our members can vouch for and assure.

“We're fundraising for those under assault in Rafah, so far we've sent 59 families $100 each, desperately needed for food, medication, and other urgent needs.”

Support the fund here:

A message from a member of the AF:
I was in Rafah, Gaza in 2003 for 3 months. During that time I befriended Anees, and since then we have worked on several projects together including fundraising for a children's project to give them activities and nourishing food. Although he moved abroad a few years ago, he has family, friends and other connections there.

Last time he spoke to her, Anees's 17 year old niece asked him if people overseas are thinking of people in Gaza or if we have forgotten them. Please, let's show we haven't. To me this is almost more important than the money, that those receiving it can see hundreds of us are caring, and the personal messages attached to the donations. In case any of you not aware, those in Rafah are now trying to evacuate, many for the 2nd or even 3rd time in recent months.

They're doing this with little fuel for vehicles, and with hungry bellies. Most are carrying on foot what they can, picking their way over rubble strewn, broken roads. Many are not even trying, feeling like they won't be safe anywhere anyway. The famine is entirely man-made.

When I was in Rafah I was astonished by how fertile it is. But the Israeli military have bombed the strawberry fields, the greenhouses, the farms, and prevented fishing, forcing Gazans to rely solely on outside food sources. Which Israel is then maintaining a choke hold over.

Anything contribution at all is hugely appreciated.
Let's show people in Rafah that they are not forgotten, that the world does care, and they are not facing this horror alone.

And keep taking to the streets, writing to your MPs, blockading weapons factories, boycotting Israeli goods, and whatever else is within your capacity to stop our government's defence of the Israeli assault on Palestinians

Support the fund here:

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