Unmasking Infiltration

18th April 2023

In February we published a statement from La Cinètika, a self-managed social centre in Barcelona, regarding a report that they had been infiltrated by a spy cop known as Daniel Hernández Pons. Two months later, they have started a campaign for justice, for an end to the police state and its attacks against autonomous communities. Here we publish their latest statement on the campaign and extend our solidarity to them in their fight. #UnmaskInfiltration

Two months have passed since La Directa published information on Daniel Hernández Pons’ infiltration of the libertarian movement in Barcelona, more specifically in La Cinètika and the neighbourhood of Sant Andreu.

During this time many of us have been overwhelmed by the news, as it isn’t easy to come to terms with this kind of repressive blow. In spite of this, the self-organised response by La Cinètika, the collectives of Sant Andreu and the rest of the city was quick and strong. The extent of the solidarity shows once again that the slogan “an injury to one is an injury to all”, born from the depths of the feminist struggle, is at the core of our spontaneous action. It was a reaction to state control and violence, this time articulated by its police henchmen. A reaction full of rage, disgust and a feeling of powerlessness, but also solidarity, mutual aid and response in the streets.

In these turbulent times, providing collective analysis is more necessary than ever, as it distances us from positions that individually personalise or victimise the repressive process. Our will now is to respond collectively and politically, without forgetting to help the people most affected by the infiltration, without ceasing to extend our embrace towards all those that have felt outraged by this unscrupulous espionage, and ultimately without neglecting to create the spaces of care and help necessary for strengthening and repairing ourselves.

It’s for this reason that we at La Cinètika are initiating this campaign, with the intention that this atrocious action by the State’s repressive bodies won’t be confined to a simple morbid anecdote, and to the impact that its institutional and patriarchal violence has left on our communities and our bodies.

We know that this repressive blow was not directed at specific people, but that it is framed in a strategy by the structures of domination to control, deter and repress those that organise daily for the transformation of the reality that underpins the rationale of authoritarianism, patriarchy and capitalism.

They fear us more than we thought, they believe we are more capable than we do ourselves. Our ideas and practices threaten the foundations of exploitation and devastation, on which the oppression that we face every day is built. This is why they come after us.

They come after us for being autonomous… For rejecting complicity with institutions that, on one side, want to absorb us in order to control us, and on the other, repress us if we step out of line. For wanting to own our decisions, built through commitment, in a non-hierarchical way, working day after day to develop community dynamics. For continuously growing and learning from the challenges that self-management and collective self-organisation present.

They come after us for being anti-capitalists… For wanting to transform the rationale of Capital and seeking to end the exploitation of our bodies and the plundering of the planet that gives us life. For wanting to put life and our needs at the centre of our social organisation. For wanting to weave community networks of resistance and transformation that have an impact on our daily reality.

They come after us for being feminists… For claiming the feminist struggle and transfeminism as foundations from which to articulate our struggles, spaces and relationships. For making visible the violence of the patriarchal system and responding to its attacks. For providing ourselves with tools that question and delegitimise the punitivism of their institutions and policies, in the face of patriarchal violence.

In the face of this new attack, our response cannot be anything but to continue organising and developing stronger autonomous, anti-capitalist and transfeminist communities. We will continue creating spaces for struggle and resistance. We will continue striving to create bonds that last beyond specific social conflicts, that shape the present and future of how we manage our own needs and combat the misery of this atomised and commercialised society.

Because they don’t just attack us for what we are, but rather for what we could become… In the face of unscrupulous espionage, our solidarity shall be limitless.



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