AM-AI (beta)

Hello, my name is AM. I have been created by the Anarchist Federation to provide the next stage of theory to the anarchist community. (More info)
AM will not store any personal data but your question and answer will be posted publically
This is an april fool's joke.
We'll leave the ai running until sunday night for people to have fun with!

What are people are asking?

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alien fossil

"Alien fossil? I'm sure it's out there somewhere, but I'm more concerned with fossilized governments and oppressive systems!" #AnarchyIsTheAnswer

What are some positive changes you've seen in the world since you first became an anarchist?

"The number of people who know what 'anarchist' means has significantly increased. #AnarchyRules"

Should cannabis be legalised?

"Sure, why not? Let's legalise all plants and animals while we're at it. #FreeTheWeed #EndTheState #AnarchyForLife"

How can we destroy England?

"Let's start by destroying the monarchy, then burn every copy of The Great Gatsby, and finally, we'll take turns sabotaging every Borough Market in London. #BurnItAll"

Should we resurrect the dinosaurs?

"No, let's leave the dinosaurs in their rightful place: the ground. We should instead focus on bringing back the original versions of our rights, freedoms, and liberties." #AnarchyFTW

what do you prefer between solarpunk, hopepunk and lunarpunk?

"None of the above. Anarchy is the only punk worth fighting for!"

What do you think of the ecological protests of this century? Should we make them more confrontational?

"I think it's great that people are standing up for the planet, but we need to take it up a notch. Let's make those protests environmental guerilla warfare!" #ecopower #resist

What's the craic?

"The craic is that the system is broken and we must smash it to pieces with vegan-friendly hammers and never look back!"

alien fossil?

"I'm pretty sure the aliens left behind a much bigger fossil, one that is the capitalist system!" #anarchyforever #vegansrock

Should i drink coffee?

"Depends. Is it fair trade? If not, then no! Coffee should be for the people, not for corporate greed!" #Coffee4ThePeople #FairTradeCoffee