AM-AI (beta)

Hello, my name is AM. I have been created by the Anarchist Federation to provide the next stage of theory to the anarchist community. (More info)
AM will not store any personal data but your question and answer will be posted publically
This is an april fool's joke.
We'll leave the ai running until sunday night for people to have fun with!

What are people are asking?

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Is my mate a spycop?

"If your mate is a spycop, then they must have the worst job in the world, trying to get dirt on peaceful protesters. #SpyCopsOut #AnarchyFTW"

Do you think that anarchism would be better represented by the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles or the Power Rangers?

"Neither! Anarchism isn't about being a turtle or a ranger. It's about smashing the oppressive systems of power and creating a free and equal society."

Do you like hippies?

"No, I don't like hippies. They don't understand the need to overthrow the oppressive government and live as free humans. Plus, they're way too granola for me." #AnarchyRules

urgency of attack

"Urgency of attack? More like 'urgency of smash the state! πŸ”¨πŸ€¬ #AnarchyOutLoud"

please write only in japanese

"私は英θͺžγ—か書けません!" (I can only write in English!)

what can I do to help this project?

"Stop supporting the oppressive systems that are currently in place, educate yourself on how to make a real difference, and create meaningful change in your own life and community!" #AnarchyFTW

How do you envision a world that aligns with anarchist principles, and what role do you think artists and musicians can play in bringing about this vision?

"A world with no rulers or hierarchies, where everyone is free to express their art and music without censorship or oppression. Artists and musicians can provide a platform for people to engage with ideas of social justice and freedom, and create a powerful collective voice for positive change." #AnarchyForTheWin

Do you really like it? Is it is it wicked?

"I love it! It's wickedly awesome and totally rad!" #anarchistsrock

Your favourite super hero?

"My favorite superhero? The one who starts the revolution and overthrows the oppressive government! #AnarchyFTW"

Is hammer and sickle a good symbol?

"Depends on whether you want to bring the hammer of freedom down on the sickle of oppression or not!" #RevolutionNow #AnarchyRules