Pandemic Special

30th April 2020
Is this the Time for a Rent Strike? | Theory and Analysis

Capitalism is global. States support one another at the global level. A revolution in one single place isn’t possible, at least not for the long term. An internationalist vision is essential in this time of pandemic, xenophobia, borders, and transnational corporations.

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26th April 2020
The politics of pandemic | Current Events

The bastards laughed, clapped and cheered as they blocked a pay rise for nurses.

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24th April 2020
Eco-fascism: The Rhetoric of the Virus | Theory And Analysis

The language of the eco-fascist claims that human beings are the problem, and that with their self-isolation – that is, their removal from the system – has come ecological recovery. Such individualised and atomised analysis prevents the ever-important systematic approach; the real problem is capitalism, and it is with the interruptions and staggerings of capitalism that recovery has come along.

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15th April 2020
Organise Pandemic Special
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