Anti Fascism

27th February 2023
Newquay Fights Fascism

We achieved exactly what we set out to do, in terms of keeping the fash away from the potentially vulnerable front of the hotel, and demonstrated clear solidarity with the refugees inside.

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11th February 2023
Eyewitness report: Fascist riot in Merseyside

This was one of the most violent and intense far-right gatherings in recent times.

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11th March 2021
Igor Bancer Is On Hunger Strike | International

Jailed musician and activist Igor Bancer (Ihar Bantsar) is on dry hunger strike. Igor is refusing to drink water or eat. Today is his ninth day.

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23rd May 2019
When Lactose Meets Intolerance

It started with a strawberry milkshake. Stephen Yaxley-Lennon (pretend name Tommy Robinson) was on the streets of Manchester stirring up racial hatred and xenophobia as part of his Rebel Media and American Conservative funded campaign to become a legitimate politician when he got drenched in thick milkshake. It wasn't planned, it wasn't Antifa or some […]

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