21st September 2023
Toby Shone - Recalled To Prison | International

On the morning of 19 September 2023, he was driving to an appointment with his probation officer when he was pulled over and arrested by an armed police unit in-between the Forest of Dean and Gloucester.

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21st June 2022
Support The Rail Workers Strike! | Current Events

If you support every worker getting a pay rise, please support our actions on the 21st, 23rd and 25th June.

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30th May 2022
Bristol Defendant Solidarity | Interview

It feels a little bit like being an evangelical. People look at you like, ‘what the fuck?’ But sometimes it is the only way to actually get in contact with people.

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3rd October 2021
The Bill Is Killing Us | Theory And Analysis

Of course, what the law states the police should and shouldn't do and what they actually do are very different things. As a 'mixed race black male' (my PNC record definition) I have been stopped and searched over 50 times in my life.

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29th March 2021
I Had My Hands Up | Witness

That night, other protesters – anarchists and others – took care of me, while police beat the shit out of us

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24th March 2021
Flowers and Batons | Current Events

Never seen anything like it. We were charged at down the street by multiple charging horses and police with dogs.

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22nd March 2021
What actually happened in Bristol – and how a narrative is built | Current Events

That isolated van from earlier got spray painted, and then set alight, amazing how forgetful police are with one or two vehicles during every major protest.

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26th April 2019

“The Anthropocene is forcing life on Earth towards extinction. Our planet and our future is under attack. Governments have failed to curb the exploitation and pollution of our climate by a handful of corporations. It’s time to take the power back and shut the power off! We don’t want new pipelines and airports and fracking sites. We want sustainable energy, clean water, decent housing and respect for all people.”

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