3rd March 2023
Greece: This was no accident

The unspeakable tragedy of the train collision in Tempe unfortunately reminds us, in the worst possible way, of how the state and capital perceive human life: as a means of making profit - AND ONLY AS THAT.

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15th March 2019
How Does It Hurt? - Re-imagining violence outside of capitalism by Hannah Levene

On seeing a public execution by Guillotine in Paris during 1857, Tolstoy remembers “the cold, inhuman efficiency of the operation.” More horrific than any scenes of war, Tolstoy sees the guillotine as a “frightful symbol of the state that used it”. Tolstoy, like Berkman comes to realise, knows it is not cruelty that we should be using, but care. Violence isn’t the job of the People it is the dirty work of the State.

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