A few years back before Bloc By Bloc a small group of Italian Squatters wanted to bring the world of civil disobedience to the table top with “Riot – Cast The First stone”, a might little game where you could field one of three factions of the police and fight for the streets- there is a review in the archive, we'll pull it up soon!

In the mean time they are cooking up some trouble again and are looking to start with a fresh new look so are having a logo competition! They are asking radical board gamers and creatives to have a draft of a logo for them ie for “No Board Games”

The logo must keep in mind their philosophy:
1 To spread the culture of radical board gaming.
2 Keep the pricing fair and accessible.
3 Create sustainable board games.
4 Make racist board gamers afraid again!

All the enrants will be shared on Facebook, so everyone can vote their favourite favourite tho they'll retain final decision to save any Boaty McBoatface style gaffs and trolls.

Take part at the contest is easy*:
1 Check our their website by clicking here.
2 Draw a logo.
3 Send the logo to: [email protected] no later than 31/05/2019 or share it directly to the event's Facebook Page.

The prizes up for grabs:
1 - €99,99
2 - A copy of “Riot – the board game”.
3 - A copy of their next board game.
4 - Free gadgets!!!!!!

Furthermore, they'll be using entries to scout for artists who they'll be looking to work on their next board game (for payment obvs) so it's showing off your portfolio with a few steps and the chance of loot.

What you waiting for?
Make racist board gamers afraid again 😉

*If you are fascist, gangsta, a cop or a priest: sorry! You can’t join the contest. 🙁

RIot's Facebook page:-

The Competitions Facebook Event:-

No Board Games's Website:-