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30th April 2020
Is this the Time for a Rent Strike? | Theory and Analysis

Capitalism is global. States support one another at the global level. A revolution in one single place isn’t possible, at least not for the long term. An internationalist vision is essential in this time of pandemic, xenophobia, borders, and transnational corporations.

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26th April 2020
The politics of pandemic | Current Events

The bastards laughed, clapped and cheered as they blocked a pay rise for nurses.

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24th April 2020
Eco-fascism: The Rhetoric of the Virus | Theory And Analysis

The language of the eco-fascist claims that human beings are the problem, and that with their self-isolation – that is, their removal from the system – has come ecological recovery. Such individualised and atomised analysis prevents the ever-important systematic approach; the real problem is capitalism, and it is with the interruptions and staggerings of capitalism that recovery has come along.

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22nd April 2020
Against a Quarantine with Martial Law Characteristics | International

We anarchists are sceptical of authority itself. We do not think those in authority have our best interests at heart. We think they are there only to reproduce and expand their own power. After the crises passes, the state of emergency will be lifted, but the new powers and the new state of surveillance will stay.

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20th April 2020
Why I don't want you to clap for me | Current Events

The trouble is, I look just like everyone else. I'm in trainers with a bag on my back. I don't let off a visible radioactive glow the way I feel I should. I'm very aware that not only am I going to see patients who have virtually no chance of surviving covid- they won't even meet the new criteria for acute care- but that my patients are already starting to drop like flies.

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15th April 2020
Organise Pandemic Special
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