23rd March 2023
"France: The Movement against the Pension Reform" | St. Elmo's Ire

"In France, a new surge of protest activity has erupted against the government of Emmanuel Macron in response to an unpopular pension reform. This promises to be the most powerful unrest in France since the Yellow Vest movement. In the following introduction and translation, we explore the roots, forms, and prospects of this movement."

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22nd March 2023
France: Against 49.3

When popular opposition to his pension “reform” became too strong, French president Macron desperately resorted to invoking the French constitution's article 49.3 and forcing through his programme without so much as a single vote cast. That night, the streets of Paris spontaneously combusted. Strikes have intensified. Opposition to the reform has only strengthened. Here we […]

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15th February 2023
France: The Strike for Life

The technocrats of the start-up nation, worshippers of the globalised and competitive market, endowed with the empathy of a concrete block, promise us an economic slaughterhouse.

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