"Samir didn't die, the government killed him"

That's the call as thousands march on Mexico City following the murder of Samir Flores Soberanes environmental activist and journalist who was shot twice in the head in his home in Amilcingo, south of Mexico City, on Wednesday.

A member of The Peoples in Defense of Land and Water Front, Samir was a chief opponent of the Proyecto Integral Morelos (PIM), a development project in the state of Morelos that includes two new thermoelectric plants and a 93 mile gas pipeline and had attended a meeting about the project days before his assassination and challenged government representatives who were pushing flesh ahead of a vote on the PIM project.

Samir had been attacked numerous times before and a letter was left with his body, which the police have refused to release the details off. It seems clear in these times of struggle, he was executed for defending his community, the environment and indigenous autonomy against the corrupt state, a state who have immediately began laying the blame for this murder on organised crime. Given that is 2017, according to Global Witness, 15 environmental activists were murdered in Mexico you can be sure that organised crime is the blame, those responsible sit in the Palacio Legislativo de San Lázaro and Palacio Nacional.

This part of an ongoing trend across South America and indeed the world with at least 207 land and environmental defenders killed last year. Thats 207 indigenous leaders, community activists and environmentalists murdered trying to protect their homes and communities from corrupt states, mining, agribusiness and other destructive industries.

Rest in Power Samir and all who die defending this planet from parasitic capitalists bent on destroying it for their own ends.

Demand justice for Samir Flores.

Demand the respect of indigenous communities.

Solidarity with all who continue the fight. ■