Shield Wall

29th May 2019

A Poem by Victoria Pearson

They said the riots were the start, but they were wrong.

It started with the whispers. A susurrus of discontent, at the school gates, in the allotments, in the streets.

They met in libraries and parks, made plans to protect the vulnerable, and keep every belly fed. They planted seeds of hope and potatoes of defiance.

No longer supported by the system, they supported each other. They locked together like a shield wall, so when the time came to strike, they were unbreakable.

The cry rang through the streets; "No Gods,  No Masters, We Aren't Sheep To Be Led"

They said the riots were the start, but they were wrong.

It started with solidarity. ■

Victoria Pearson lives behind a keyboard somewhere in darkest Toryshire with her husband, her four children, and her dog. She writes very strange stories.
You can read them on her website or watch her talking complete nonsense in real time on Twitter.

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21st June 2022
A Twisted History of the USA | Review

Suffice it, then, to say that this is not a history text in any real sense. Certainly, it contains historical claims and some of these are true. Others are half true, and others still are simply wrong or ill-thought.

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6th June 2022
The Wise Dictator | Burn After Reading

The scheme had some success at first. Indeed it did! But many concerns still worried the king: while he was more popular than ever before, making the changes people had asked for left him looking weak.

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8th February 2022
The Dawn of Everything | Review

We have a tendency to view people in the past as simply performing their historical roles in social evolutionary theory, rather than as intentional, political actors who were just as (if not more so) diverse, conscious and smart as we are today. This book takes a different perspective, with radical implications.

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17th November 2021
A Normal Life | Review

A Normal Life is a love letter to freedom.

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9th July 2020
Tracksuits, Trauma, and Class Traitors | Review

‘’We need to abolish the White supremacist in us, the ableist, the patriarch, the transphobe, the parts of ourselves that still think, feel, act and organise as if some humans are worth more than others, that some bodies matter more. This is collective work, this is done in vulnerability with one another, and with an openness to making mistakes, speaking the worst of ourselves and trusting in “our” class that we can find new answers to old questions.’’

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26th October 2019
The Leaderless Revolution | Review

This book is for those new to anarchism as a political theory, but who are dissatisfied with the state of the world, and yearn for something better.

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