The Dotted Line

29th May 2019

A Poem by The Uptown Portrayer

They advertise in the papers,
They advertise on TV,
They target vulnerable people,
Aged about 16,
All from impoverished backgrounds,
Show unity,
Do not sign the dotted line,
Of the military.

Don't be a government puppet,
See things as they are,
Wars are manufactured,
by people who do not care,
Governments aren't effective,
At creating industry,
So they establish an alternative,
Based on hate and greed.

Young cadets are trained to think,
Your country need you,
To play in all their games,
Something I can't construe,
In a false environment,
Get yourself a trade,
Unfortunately in civilian life,
Little chance I am afraid .

You say you don't trust governments,
Nor trust them on war,
These days there a distraction,
Of inadequacies I'm sure,
With unemployment and homelessness,
The highest that has been seen,
Surely these are the priorities,
The thinking is obscene.

Creating terror in our country,
Arms trading makes you sick,
Where lives mean nothing,
And more security risks,
Everybody stand tall,
Act with integrity,
Do not sign the dotted line,
Of the military. â– 

Swansea based Punk Poet The Uptown Portrayer was established in 2017, and has been gigging hard ever since at Ska and Punk Festivals and supporting benefit gigs.
You can find him on Facebook

Renouned for delivering an honest brand of poetry that resonates, and tackling subjects such as inequality, social issues and racism head on. The Uptown Portrayer Punk Poet also highlights the struggles of music venues, and displays a passion for live music, whilst also showing a compassionate side with originals based around friendships and compassion for others. Having recently recorded a verse from the poem "No Robot" with South Wales punk band Tenplusone on their latest album.

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