Fire In My Belly

25th June 2019

I've got a fire in my belly,
It what makes me scribe,
It's looking for justice and fair play,
It's what keeps me alive,
It's like a burger in a bun,
Topped with a scoville relish,
This fire in my belly,
Is hard to extinguish.

I wear my heart on my sleeve,
My emotions are raw,
When I hear of injustice,
It's like throwing on petrol,
This feeling I get,
Seeps from every pore,
This passion I feel,
Is hard to ignore.

When I hear of acts of racism,
I burn up inside,
To me we are all equal,
A feeling I can't hide,
I've got a fire in my belly,
That rages hard and strong,
It's mission is to ensure,
That right overcomes wrong.

Some people have money,
Some people have not,
But the gap is increasing,
By tyrants and what they plot,
We've got poverty stricken children,
With a stunted education,
Who'll have to work hard all their lives,
To make the best of their situation.

Politicians with no morals,
Who people seem to trust,
Send families to food banks,
Which turns my stomach in disgust,
These people line their own pockets,
Who should hold their heads in shame,
They thrive on people's suffering,
We all know their game.

Now we all have a fire,
We all have a belly,
We all have an opportunity,
To end this inequality,
We now live in an era,
Like no era in the past,
To make a difference to human lives,
A difference that will last. ■

Swansea based Punk Poet The Uptown Portrayer was established in 2017, and has been gigging hard ever since at Ska and Punk Festivals and supporting benefit gigs.
You can find him on Facebook.

Renowned for delivering an honest brand of poetry that resonates, and tackling subjects such as inequality, social issues and racism head on. The Uptown Portrayer Punk Poet also highlights the struggles of music venues, and displays a passion for live music, whilst also showing a compassionate side with originals based around friendships and compassion for others. Having recently recorded a verse from the poem “No Robot” with South Wales punk band Tenplusone on their latest album.

Image © m.mphoto

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