Resist G7


9th June 2021


From 7pm on 9 June there is an arboricultural study camp set up at the Holifield Farm Project in Cornwall. Given a large focus of many people joining to Resist G7 is care for nature and the environment, we have also been invited to come along, camp and take part.

You’ll find Holifield here:
Bonallack Lane
TR12 6UJ



The nearest station is Redruth, on the mainline from most areas around the UK. There is one bus an hour from Redruth to Helston. If you are able to get this bus, please do as it will make pick ups a lot easier. You can check the timetable for this bus (Number 34) here:

There will be transport to collect people from Helston, or Redruth if you can’t get the bus. Please do be aware though, that you may have to wait so please be patient!

Please call or message letting us know what time you’ll arrive and how many of you there are:

07599 948 546
07599 948 562

Save these numbers as they will be the contact numbers for transport throughout the weekend.
There’s also a regular bus from Falmouth (on the Moor) straight to Gweek: 35 or 35A

7:05 AM⇢8:03 AM / 8:35 AM⇢9:10 AM / 10:30 AM⇢11:05 AM /12:30 PM⇢1:05 PM /2:30 PM⇢3:05 PM /4:45 PM⇢5:20 PM / 5:35 PM⇢6:33 PM


Head towards Helston, and from here head for R.N.A.S. Culdrose on A3083 (signposted Lizard), drive along this road to the roundabout.
Turn left at the roundabout (sign posted St Keverne).

About ½ mile along on the B3293 road, turn left and follow the signpost to Gweek.

Drive through Gweek village.

Take a right hand fork by the pub and keep going up the hill. You’ll see a sharp turn to the right signposted to Holifield Farm and Bonallack.

From here drive up a trackway, but please be aware that this is an active community project, people live here and there’s also a school onsite so there’s a STRICT five (5) mph speed limit everywhere around the farm.

Head up the track and bear to the right when you see a clearing filled with large piles of wood. Keep heading along the track, and the camping field is towards the end.

We’ll be doing our best to get clear signposts along this road and the track, but please do be patient with us if you arrive early!

If you reach the village (where you’ll see a shop and a pub) you’ve gone too far so will need to turn around and keep an eye out for the sharp turning!


We can’t wait to see you all here, to work together, mobilise against the G7 and take part in some incredible days of action.

There are two fields for camping, gathering and workshops, the rest of the farm is strictly out of bounds. Areas to walk in this beautiful site will be clearly signposted. No fires or BBQs anywhere on site, but there is a beautiful communal fire pit. The landowners have said they welcome acoustic music, but have requested no amplified music at any time. You’ll be given a full run down of all these things when you arrive, and please do share this information with others who come later.

It’s vital that everyone reads and respects our Safer Spaces Policy before they arrive. Working together in this radical and transformative way means we’re creating the change we wish to see in the world.

Please also try to have a look at our essential guide about what to expect and what to bring before you travel:

We’re just coming out of over a year of lockdowns, so it’s important we all stay aware and keep each other safe. Please wear masks in all communal areas, and use hand sanitiser. If you feel unwell at any time, please try to leave site safely and let someone know (we’ll create a safe system for this that you’ll be given information about when you arrive).

The time is now, together we are stronger, and we are the G7 resistance!

For More information check out:- (Public Telegram group)

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