Torture in Belarus


28th January 2022

Most of the anarchists and antifascists detained during and after the protests of 2020 in Belarus were tortured by security forces. Here I'll be talking about each person and which torture was used against them.

(Content Warning - Violence)

Evgeny Rubashko
was tortured in the morning after police broke into his flat. This included beating and threats of suffocation (his neighbor was tortured with plastic bag above the head). This was done to get his passwords from encrypted devices.

Though the details of arrest of Alexander Belov are still unknown, after his detention in the morning of 29 July 2021 he was barely alive when found in the pre-trial prison by the lawyer.

Mikola Dziadok was beaten up, locked up in the small room and pepper sprayed, suffocated with pillow, threatened with murder. Some was done to get passwords from his encrypted devices, but some was done as a revenge torture for year of his political activism.

Vitaliy Shishlov was arrested in the forest house near Minsk. He was beaten up and pepper sprayed to give testimonies on the camera. Video of it appeared later on regime propaganda channels.

Tamaz Pipiya and Timur Pipiya were beaten up and tortured to give testimonies against other anti-fascists who participated in the protests.

Dzmitry Dubovski was tortured by border guards, special task forces and KGB to give testimonies against anarchists in "Partizan case". Among other things he was heavily beaten and suffocated with plastic bag over his head.

Sergey Romanov was heavily beaten by the border guard to give testimonies. He sliced his hands with a razor to stop the torture.

Ihar Alinevich was tortured as part of Partizan anarchist group. He was beaten up and cops cut off the skin on his feet so he couldn't walk. This was done to get his testimonies.

Ivan Krasovski was revenge tortured so hard that he couldn't walk for several weeks after spending just few days in torture chambers of police station.

Aliaksandar Frantskievich was tortured with electroshock to give testimonies against other anarchists after his detention on 12 August.

Where are the women? Cops do apply sometimes less violence to women, but in first days after the beginning of protest there were a lot of women reporting being raped inside police stations and detention centers in some horrible ways.

This is just a list of anarchist and anti-fascists who suffered state torture it is neither a complete or comprehensive list of those who underwent such things. Not only anarchists were exposed to state torture in couple of last years: thousands and thousands of opponents of Lukashenko regime had to face state violence as revenge for participation in protests in 2020.

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