Theory And Analysis

19th June 2023
Care In anarchy | Theory & Analysis

I want to put forth as we come to envision care thinking within anarchic theoretical and imaginative spaces is how we may be able to conceptualize a social or socials (communal existence) without framings such existence in reference to governmentalities as organizing principles or ruling apparatuses

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26th May 2023
Solidarity is Not Enough | Strike Wave

The hashtag #generalstrike is over-optimistic and workers’ self-management is not on the table. The current wave of strikes is not about how the economy is run, but about workers having some say in how the proceeds of the economy are distributed.

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25th May 2023
The Mood is Radical... | Strike Wave

We have had a track record of winning disputes through industrial action (notably in 2007). In spite of defeats in more recent disputes, our dissatisfaction and ongoing dissent has set the tone for the confrontation.

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24th May 2023

We will win some things, we’ll lose some. This whole thing has been quite emotional. It has been empowering seeing action in the form of strikes, in the wider social, in the wider context of the strike wave alongside other workers, it has been inspirational, to see a bit of class pride and solidarity.  I only hope it radicalised more of our colleagues. 

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23rd May 2023
Class (Room) Warfare | Strike Wave

The strike day itself was inspirational! 40,000 teachers marched in London, 9,000 in Bristol and 10,000s more joining hundreds of demos in their towns and cities.

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22nd May 2023
Building at the Base | Strike Wave

... if we leave it to union bosses, workers will walk away from disputes with less than they could have won...

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12th May 2023
LoAM - Local Autonomous Media | Theory And Analysis

Inspired by France’s Mutu Network, a group has formed with a view to creating Local Autonomous Media here in the UK.
There has perhaps never been a better time.

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3rd May 2023
The United Kingdom of Mass Murder | Theory & Analysis

It has now been 13 years since the Tories came to power, 13 years of economic misery, rising bigotry and autocratic overreach. The past year has felt like the culmination of the Tory political project, as all of these disgraceful movements have accelerated beyond what we’re capable of keeping up with.

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25th July 2022
What the Corona Virus Pandemic Can Teach Us About Security Culture | Theory And Analysis

It is rare that there are paradigm shifts in our security practices either because of changing circumstances or new technologies. These things often happen slowly and in ways we don’t notice until we retrospect over long periods of time. We don’t have the opportunity to see a drastic change and compare how things were before and after.

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15th June 2022
The Right To Be Left Alone | Theory & Analysis

An anarchist treatise on when larger society may interact with the individual in a post-revolutionary society.

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13th June 2022
The Trouble With Slogans | Theory & Analysis

Can we free our minds to the possibilities of complexity? Or are we forever doomed to see the world in less than 240 characters?

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11th June 2022
“Proper Boxes”: ADHD & Anti-Authoritarianism | Theory & Analysis

One of the most liberatory concepts that I learned about after stumbling upon this renaissance of ADHD knowledge was that of neurodiversity, a concept coined in 1998 by sociologist Judy Singer, who, with the help of journalist Harvey Blume, brought the idea into mainstream discussion.

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