6th August 2021
The History of the FAGC | Theory and Analysis

The more we organised with non-anarchist people the more ideological anarchists started to disappear and more neighbours were joining the FAGC. It starts the golden times of self-management, with the first massive experiences, with the first failures, but also satisfaction

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27th May 2021
Shinmin Prefecture - Summarised | Historical

The Anarchists soon found themselves rejected from the main positions of the association as the conflict grew worse. The nationalists assassinated Yi Jun-geun, Kim Ya-un, and Kim Jong-jin, thus finally closing the chapter of the Shinmin prefecture as the anarchists fled from Manchuria.

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5th May 2021
35 years of the Anarchist Federation | Historical

Internationally, things are very different in the organised anarchist movement since 1986.

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18th March 2021
Kronstadt diary – Mar 18th | Historical

The victors are celebrating the anniversary of the Commune of 1871.

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17th March 2021
Kronstadt diary – Mar 17th | Historical

Kronstadt has fallen today.

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6th March 2021
Kronstadt diary – Mar 6th | Historical

March 6-—Today Kronstadt sent out by radio a statement of its position. It reads:...

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5th March 2021
Kronstadt diary – Mar 5th | Historical

March 5~---Many Bolsheviki refuse to believe that the Soviet resolution will be carried out. lt were too monstrous a thing to attack by force of arms the “pride and glory of the Russian Revolution”...

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5th March 2021
Kronstadt diary – Mar 4th Late At Night | Historical

March 4-Late at night. The extraordinary session of the Petro-Soviet in the Tauride Palace was packed with Communists, mostly youngsters, fanatical and intolerant.

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4th March 2021
Kronstadt diary – Mar 4th | Historical

Great nervous tension in the city. The strikes continue labour disorders have again taken place in Moscow. A wave of discontent is sweeping the country. Peasant uprisings are reported from Tambov, Siberia, the Ukraine, and Caucasus.

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3rd March 2021
Kronstadt diary – Mar 3rd | Historical

March 3~—Kronstadt is disturbed. It disapproves of the Govemment’s drastic methods against the dissatisfied workers. The men of the warship Petropavlovsk have passed a resolution of sympathy with the strikers.

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2nd March 2021
Kronstadt diary – Mar 2nd | Historical

March 2—Most disquieting reports. Large strikes have broken out in Moscow.

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1st March 2021
Kronstadt diary – Mar 1st | Historical

March l--—Many arrests are taking place. Groups of strikers surrounded by Chekists, on their way to prison, are a common sight.

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