5th August 2019
Against the relocation of nuclear weapons to the Araxos airport base | IFA

This is the time to connect with the comrades and the people of the struggle globally, in order to face this common attack, we are receiving. Along with the exploited and the repressed of this world, we have to resist to the murderous plans of the State and the Capital. We have to build a wide and international front of struggle and resistance against war, poverty, impoverishment, racism and state and parastatal terrorism.

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26th July 2019
For a World Without Countries and Without Borders | IFA

Antimilitarism has always been one of the battlefields of the anarchist movement. Today like yesterday, facing the massacre of the First World War, the fight against war is firmly rooted in the struggle for social transformation.

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20th July 2019
The Arms Industry and the Business of War | IFA

Today we keep witnessing the cruel barbarity, with more military and armament technology. Once again, instead of using science for making our lives easier, it is being used to defend the interests of the states and its high classes. In this way, being helped by the huge technology advances, the war has become one of the biggest businesses of the world’s leaders. With this, in this semi globalised world and big armies, we encounter the largest exodus and genocide in the history of humanity.

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2nd July 2019
When the Robots Fire Us | IFA

Computers are replacing people's jobs much faster, than new ones get created. What shall we do then?

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14th March 2019
Brexit and Workers

Being fought on the basis of sovereignty with a large dose of English nationalism, Leave was always going to legitimise discrimination against foreign workers and act to erode those workers’ rights in Britain more than Remain would. This is because European legislation offers some protections to migrant workers from within the EU and also includes some protection of human rights of non-EU people, as well as the ‘freedom of movement’ afforded by the treaty and in the Schengen area.

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