15th March 2023
Alfredo's Fight is Our Fight

Fascists of all stripes love Death. Anarchists are for Life. Whenever they have tried to eliminate us with deportations, wars, provocations and fabrications, the force of freedom, which is the essence of life, has always proved stronger.

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5th March 2023
Alfredo Cospito: "I am ready to die"

Today I am ready to die to make the world understand what 41 bis really is. 750 people suffer it without protest, continuously vilified by the mass media. Now it is my turn.

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8th June 2022
AFBC Statement on Prisoners Mail | Current Events

Letters, cards and photographs are important to prisoners as it means they have a connection to their families and freinds - this policy just further isolates them.

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21st May 2019
Public statement from the High Security Prison in Santiago, Chile; Against prison and law 321

This is a public communication from the High security prison in Santiago and extends to a mobilization of all the prisons of the territory in Chile.

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