So you have been called a Transphobe.
Maybe even a TERF! Hot words have been exchanged.

It's easy to get defensive, dig in, camp up and not take any shit from these "woke idiots" on the internet.
Yeah you could do that.

Mind you, you could also have a read and try to understand some of what they are trying to tell you. Here is a reading list of links to help you digest all this new information outside of an angry twitter thread. They range across the scientific and cultural, to news pieces, politicla statements, and informational statistics.

No one can make you read these, no one can force you to develop your understanding of the world around you, only you can take the step to being a person capable of educating themselves and changing their opinion based on new information. I truly hope you are able to do this and begin your journey to better understanding this whole trans thing.

It's worth noting as well that the arguments your transphobic friends and sources present usually utilise are laden with scientific reductionism and pseudo scientific jibberish. This reminds me very much of climate change denialism, these links are often presented as an obvious truth and are used to make you feel like a victim, a defender of the obvious against a self indulgent enemy who is trying to make you change everything you know to be true. The right wing call this "Cultural Marxism", the left wing tend to call it "the PC Brigade" or "IdPol". Tho woefully inaccurate in their usage these terms are often used as a "dog whistle" for horrendous bigotry, racism and misogyny.

Subsequently when you've shared a seemingly righteous link defending women from predatory men or something, someone has got pissed off at you, cussed you out and spewed out all that angry rage which you've been warned about so much.

The thing is, whether wittingly or not, when you share those articles you are finding on Mumsnet or whatnot you are contributing to a hostile environment which very literally kills people. Overwhelming it kills women, and of them, women from the black and minority ethnic communities are over represented.

This series of links is a counter to that, the vast majority are from peer reviewed publications and institutions. If you believe in science, you have to come to terms with the reality that some of the things you have "always known" are false and that our understanding of the world around is ever developing. It is here to provide you with a easily accessable source of information to cleanse that rot from your head. A tool to educate yourself with and hopefully return to being a person who uses their political voice for compassion and solidarity. ■

Peter Ó Maille

- This is a living document and is subject to change and addition, feel free to suggest new links -

- This list is partially based on a version I was sent as a email, I assume it is online and would appreciate a link to it -


American Psychological Association (APA)
Answers to Your Questions About Transgender People, Gender Identity, and Gender Expression

AP News
Sciences Says: Sex and Gender Aren't the Same

Discover Magazine
Skeletal Studies Show Sex, Like Gender, Exists Along A Spectrum

Disrupting Dinner Parties
Take the Red Pill: The Truth Behind the Biology of Sex

European Society of Endocrinology
Transgender Brains Are More Like Their Desired Gender From An Early Age

Harvard University
Between the (Gender) Lines: The Science of Transgender Identity

Intersex Society of North America
How common is intersex?

What is Intersex?

National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI)
Suicide and Suicidal Behavior Among Transgender Persons

National Geographic
How Science is Helping Us Understand Gender

Sex Redefined

NY Times
Anatomy Does Not Determine Gender, Experts Say

Scientific American
Beyond XX and XY: The Extraordinary Complexity of Sex Determination

Stop Using Phony Science to Justify Transphobia

The New Science of Sex and Gender

Where Transgender is No Longer a Diagnosis

Trans Girls Belong on Girls' Sports Teams

Challenging Gender Identity: Biologists Say Gender Expands Across A Spectrum, Rather Than Simply Boy And Girl

World Health Organization (WHO)
Gender and Genetics

Genetic Components of Sex and Gender

Medline Plus Encyclopedia

Transgender Action Block
Transgender Healthcare: A Guide for GPs


‘Mahu’ demonstrate Hawaii’s shifting attitudes toward LGBT life

Sex And Gender Are Actually The Same Thing (but bear with me…)

Buyu Afrika
The Ashtime of Ethiopia

Culture Trip
A Brief History of Thailand's Transgender Community

Fa'afafines: The Third Gender in Samoa

Life Outside the Binary: Meet Mexico’s Muxe Community Celebrating Genderqueerness

The Guardian
Early men and women were equal, say scientists

In the Philippines they think about gender differently. We could too

Nature and sex redefined – we have never been binary

Indian Country Today
Two Spirits, One Heart, Five Genders

The 8 Genders of the Talmud

Brian Whitaker
Transgender Issues in the Middle East

Adam Keawe Manalo-Camp
Māhū Resistance: Challenging Colonial Structures of Power and Gender

The Nib
Gender Isn’t Binary, and Neither is Anatomy

The Singapore LGBT encyclopaedia Wiki
Gender in Bugis society

The Transadvocate
Fact check: study shows transition makes trans people suicidal
The Third Gender in Ancient Egypt



List of of murdered transgender people

Planned Parenthood
Trans Men need abortions too


Organise! Magazine
Transphobia is a Class Issue


You Can't Ask That: Intersex people answer 'What is Intersex?'

ASAP Science
The Science of Being Transgender

Things Not To Say To A Non-Binary Person

Trans 101

Trans 101: Ep 1 - What is Transgender?

Fox and Owl
So, I've got a CERVIX

Trans 101 - The Basics

What Are Pronouns?

My Gendereration
Trans AND: Charlie Martin

Riley J. Dennis
How to talk about trans people

TEDx (Lyndsay Muir)
Tea with Trans: What's on (and off) the menu.

TEDx (Rachel Lucas)
Why You Can Pee Next To Me


Gemma Stone
80–95% of trans women keep their genitals

The Gayley Prophet
What’s wrong with what JKR said? A resource guide for allies and accomplices:

Addressing The Claims In JK Rowling’s Justification For Transphobia, by Katy Montgomerie for Medium

A Letter to J.K. Rowling From A Young Transgender Person Who’s Sick of Her Shit, by Hayden Moon for Junkee

J.K. Rowling Triples Down on Transphobia, by Claire Lampen for The Cut

JK Rowling’s ‘TERF Wars’ YouTube video by Jammidodger


Freedom Means Can Rather Than Should: What the Harper’s Open Letter Gets Wrong, by Gabrielle Bellot for Lit Hub

Twitter thread breaking down the issues in the Harper’s letter, by @spiantado

Transgender hate crimes recorded by police go up 81%

Why Sex Is Not Binary