29th October 2019
Hand Over | Comics

The Kurds' reward for defeating ISIS is being sold out to a psychotic dictator. "World's Greatest Dealmaker" indeed.

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17th October 2019
Relapse / Disposable | Comics

Oh wait, sorry, I guess this one's already dated since it's called "demographic correction" now.

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14th October 2019
King Pin | Comics

Someone found the monkey's paw and wished for Trump to "leave the White House in handcuffs."

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6th October 2019
Bigger Fish | Comics

This is one reason I have difficulty taking libertarians seriously (among many, many, many other reasons).

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27th September 2019
Strawman Argument | Comics

If you really want to save the Earth with personal lifestyle changes, you could always try building your next guillotine out of reclaimed wood

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11th September 2019
A Beginner's Guide to Technocracy | Comics

Thanks, Silicon Valley.

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21st August 2019
Tank Top | Comics

One for the Western so-called socialists who keep defending China's authoritarianism. Just imagine that the back has a pair of crossed QBZ-95s and says "I RESPECT THE POLICE, STAND FOR THE FLAG, AND UPHOLD XI JINPING THOUGHT. DOES THAT OFFEND YOU, SNOWFLAKE?"

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