26th June 2023
The Chef’s Putsch | Russia

Putin's regime is so repugnant that, on balance, any movement toward change is welcome. But one must realise that many of the possible scenarios are even darker than they are now. And some kind of anarchist scenario would be hypothetically possible only by our efforts. In such cases, the partisan response is to say: “Nobody but us”.

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24th June 2023
Russian Anarchists on the Wagner Mutiny | St. Elmo's Ire

"Here, we have hurriedly translated two statements from Russian anarchist groups. Both, of necessity, are underground groups: one is based in Siberia, and the other is the Anarcho-Communist Combat Organization, which we interviewed last year."

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13th March 2023
Show trial justice: Ukrainian human rights activist sentenced to 13 years

After being taken prisoner on 24 June, Maksym Butkevych was kept in the Luhansk remand centre the entire time. Other than a brief call with his parents, there was no communication with Butkevych, and independent Russian lawyer Leonid Solovyov was not allowed to see him.

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23rd February 2023
Putin’s peacemakers

We need to persevere on the side of ordinary people who are resisting the Z-fascist occupiers in Ukraine. At the same time, it is also necessary to stand up to Putin's fifth column and to refuse all kinds of sympathy for aggression, totalitarianism and genocide.

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12th March 2022
Ukraine: The Anarchist Response | Statements

This is a collection of articles written by Anarchists in response to the ongoing invasion of Ukraine by the Russian Federation. It is a living document and is currently in it's early format as a dumping group for links.

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5th March 2022
On the Russian Federation's invasion of Ukraine | Statements

“National glory” and “state interests” have always been bought with the blood of common people who share no interests with the rulers that demand their sacrifice.

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24th February 2022
Against the war. About situation in Ukraine | Statement

"...our position remains that of revolutionary defeatism, solidarity, fraternisation and rebellion against the High Command of each State."

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18th March 2021
Kronstadt diary – Mar 18th | Historical

The victors are celebrating the anniversary of the Commune of 1871.

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17th March 2021
Kronstadt diary – Mar 17th | Historical

Kronstadt has fallen today.

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7th March 2021
Kronstadt diary – Mar 7th | Historical

March 7-—Distant rumbling reaches my ears as I cross the Nevsky. It sounds again, stronger and nearer, as if rolling toward me.

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6th March 2021
Kronstadt diary – Mar 6th | Historical

March 6-—Today Kronstadt sent out by radio a statement of its position. It reads:...

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5th March 2021
Kronstadt diary – Mar 5th | Historical

March 5~---Many Bolsheviki refuse to believe that the Soviet resolution will be carried out. lt were too monstrous a thing to attack by force of arms the “pride and glory of the Russian Revolution”...

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