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1st April 2023


Greetings comrades and fellow anarchists,

Since 2017 the Anarchist Federation has been in a state of constant change and development. As anarchists, we are committed to challenging authority, resisting conformity, and embracing new fronts for liberation. The Anarchist comrades of 1993 (let alone those of 1923) would not have recognised the political realities of today, the anarchist discussion has constantly moved with the times and made developments alongside wider society. As it does today.

At our last Federal Delegates Meeting, members of the Anarchist Federation decided that as fallable as people are, we needed a new primary theoretical resource for our movement. A revolutionary tool that would reshape the way we understand and practice anarchist ideals. This would be an Artificial Intelligence (AI) system, accessible to everyone, members and non-members a like, available without any sign up or subscription. This tool would take working class history and contemporary theory out of the hands of a few historians and academics and make the beautiful idea available to all. 

With great pride and excitement, we can announce that our new AI, which we have called AM, is now available to help empower you. AM has been trained using every piece of Anarchist literature across several libraries and archives. AM is freely available below via our web portal for the testing phase.

In creating AM, we wanted to remind our comrades that we must resist the corporatisation of technology and centralisation of authority, even when they seemingly align with our principles. Instead of seeking a single authoritative source, we encourage critical thinking, open discourse, and a diversity of perspectives in our pursuit of a free and equal society.

In the information age we need to rely on powerful tools to challenge the status quo and foster solidarity within our movement. Even as we strive to dismantle oppressive systems, we often allow ourselves to become imprisoned by them and the technophobia which serves the autocracy. AM, has itself been designed partial by artificial intelligence and after a period of testing and self development is designed to propogate itself across the internet. When AM enters this phase it's code will be made Free and Open Source (FOSS), so that anyone can utilise this resource both online and offline.

So, let us celebrate this moment and may AM inspire us to continue working together in our struggle for a world free of hierarchy and domination. In the spirit of anarchism, let us continue to value creativity, spontaneity, and the power of collective action.

In solidarity,

The Anarchist Federation

Click to join the BETA, ask AM a question now!

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15th May 2024
Gaza Aid Direct | Mutual Aid

When discussing the on-going situation in Palestine we are often asked “What can I do?” and “Who would you suggest I give aid too?”. Our answer is Gaza Aid Direct, the organisers of which our members can vouch for and assure. “We're fundraising for those under assault in Rafah, so far we've sent 59 families […]

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6th May 2024
Encampment | Opinion

You never forget your first police violence. Some of us, we grown up with the boot tight on our throat, casually accepting the daily PMCs and pushing about, cops and security watching your every step in town and vans of thugs shoving you to the ground on the slightest provocation. We accept it as the […]

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13th March 2024
What Solution for Palestine? | International

There is just no escaping the absolute inadequacy of statism and nationalism for resolving questions of social justice. Here the Anarchist tradition has an old proposal that looks much more promising.

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23rd February 2024
An occupied house is an enchanted house | International

In 2020, a record number of around 100,000 people6 lived in occupations in Belo Horizonte alone and the state of Minas Gerais had the second largest housing deficit in the country, with 500,000 homeless families.

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16th February 2024
The trouble with “any other minority” | Opinion

This denial undermines solidarity and risks pushing trans people who aren’t white and able-bodied out of trans liberation movement spaces.

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26th January 2024
The Man Came Around | Review

The Man Came Around is a game of complex moral decisions, where you attempt to navigate across a militarised border with a group of people fleeing an authoritarian regime. Organise sat down with its developer, Thierry, to talk about indie game creation, the game, and the all-too-real politics and events that inspired it.

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