April Fools 2024


1st April 2024

Alas I'm sorry to inform you we have not split into rival factions, let alone ones labelled LARP and NIN.
Rather the opposite.

Last week, AF members came together for a few hours of chat and discussion, about the AF our current situation, and how best to utilise our organising time as the "Anarchist Federation" alongside the multitude of projects our members are in, from direct action groups to bookfairs, to distros to charitable works.

The conclusion (tho by far not a limitation) is that we are inherently a repositry for the anarchist voice and the memory of the working class, it is this we wish to steer into focus throughout 2024. Specifically via three loose projects / focus points.

First: "The Vault"
Organise and the Anarchist Federation have near 40 years of written theory, issue knowledge, and practical information at our hands but this is unfortunately poor presented and not very intuitive for fellow workers to parse. So we're going to create a new space and starting with the Organise catalogue and AF materials, extract and document everything, creating a library of subject tagged materials and then build a front end which is intuitive for fellow workers to use as guiding stones.

Once we have the back end and format down, this will likely be opened up to comradely organisations. Work session for this are going to take place on the last Sunday of the month from 2pm on the Organise discord, you're welcome to join us.

Second "Street Outreach"
Throughout the year we're going to be organising outings to stall in towns and cities with little formal organising. Reaching out and sharing knowledge with local both publically and in private. The purpose of this expresses to share Anarchism outside of stalwart spaces and work with locals to develop and empower local anarchist formations, autonomous or otherwise.

If you're sat there think "Am I the only Anarchist around here?" give us an email at anarchistfederation[delete me] @riseup.net and let's have a chat about how we can help get you started.

Third "Sharing our actions"
People are pretty awesome. Millions of folk around the UK are doing amazing stuff, from radical action on global issues, to local community building. There is a vast amount of organising know how out there and we want to learn more how you and your crew go about things. Whether it's a shared toolshed for your street, community cookout, or clandestine monkey wrenching affinity, we want to hear from you. It doesn't matter what your shade of anarchism is, if you are a socialist, liberal or apolitical. If you're spending your time contributing to your community we want to talk to you about your project, share it's successes and failures in Organise and learn more from your experiances. Give us a nudge at organisemag[delete me]@riseup.net.

Speaking of Organise, our 100th edition is due for release in May, We relaxed the schedule a little bit but at always it's looking to be a banger with a bit of a redesign and articles on everything from electroialism to Palestine, post revolutionary distribution to a defence of AI. The final deadline for submissions is 21sst of April so if you've something you want to share, news from your group, a review, some theory, give us a nudge at the above email. Subscribe on Patreon.

Anyways, that's your love,
Happy April Fools! x

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