Dispatch from Khartoum #10


17th April 2023

Thursday 13th
The sudden military movements of the Rapid Support Forces [RSF] confuse the Sudanese scene..and the army warns of "a conflict that may eat everything and everything". The RSF continues to spread in various regions in Sudan, which made the army fearful

Saturday 15th - Morning
The clash began in our region, Khartoum, between the Rapid Support Forces and the army, and in large cases of killing among the citizens and the two armies, and the possibility of the internet being cut off. My friends, we hope to meet after the war in peace.

Now, clashes are taking place between the two armies in the capital, Khartoum, in which we live. A few moments ago, some citizens died, and the clashes are now taking place in different parts of Sudan. The Rapid Support Forces control the presidential palace, Khartoum International Airport and Marawi Military Airport, and the clashes are still ongoing.

If the Rapid Support Forces achieve control, how will they behave towards social movements like yours? And would their control be more fragile than the current government?

The Rapid Support Forces are merciless militias. Any peaceful demonstrations will be like [protests against] the Afghan Taliban.

Saturday 15th - Evening
The situation is now calm in the capital, Khartoum. The Sudanese army has regained many areas in the capital, Khartoum. The army stated that in the coming hours it is working to strike by air the headquarters of the Rapid Support Forces in the capital, Khartoum.

So far, 15 citizens have died in the capital, Khartoum. There are heavy losses in the midst of the two armies. Marawi city airport and El Geneina city airport are in the grip of the Rapid Support Forces and some military areas. The army regained Khartoum airport and took control of the capital, Khartoum. The total number of dead citizens is 25 people all over Sudan, and the injuries are 183 people.

We are now working to spread awareness and sensitize citizens to the importance of armies leaving outside residential cities to reduce losses among citizens in the future, if this happens again. Today a citizen was run over inside his car because of the recklessness of the tank driver on the public road full of citizens.

Sunday 16th
In these hours, the Rapid Support Forces in the capital, Khartoum, are being bombed by air forces inside their camps. A large number of the Rapid Support Forces fled and took refuge in citizens' homes in the Jabal Awliya area, south of Khartoum, and the citizens were expelled from their homes. And now the bombing is continuing and the accessories operation is continuing, and it is very likely that the war will move inside the homes of the citizens in the coming hours

Monday 17th
The situation is very difficult.  The past hours witnessed heavy shelling. Now the situation is relatively calm.  Only the clashes are in the vicinity of the General Command and the Presidential Palace now.  We in the group educate the citizen and give first aid to every injured person as a result of the bombing.  Medical supplies have become a scarce thing, and few hospitals are functioning, and they are filled with injured citizens and soldiers.

We are not neutral, because we are in a peaceful battle since the era of the ousted al-Bashir until now, against the militarization of the country and the control of guns on the streets. We started with our peacefulness and we will continue with it to achieve our goals against all parties to the war now taking place in the streets of the country. We started with it and through it we will be victorious, because we are against war and against any outcome that results from it. Both belligerents do not care about the security and safety of our people, so we call on them not to settle their scores among innocent citizens.

#No to war, yes to peace

Sudanese Anarchists' Gathering
(Compositon by Organise)

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