Dispatch From Khartoum #4


3rd April 2022

On the same day as we posted the last dispatch, a young man was shot in the head and neck in the city of Wad Madani by the coups force. His namd was Muhammad Abdul Latif.

On the 31st his name was joined on the list of dead by Assem Hassabo, who is twenty-three years old. He was shot in the chest by fascist government forces. He died in a brutal day where some 50 people were shot and injured by the police. This spike in the number of gunshot wounds is due to the police responding to the uprisings resiliance by greater utilising shotguns firing "Suk-Suk" shells (the local name for either birdshot/buckshot) which fire multiple projectiles. This is done to quell gatherings by indiscrimiantly injuring as many as possible.

There continues to be reports of stabbings and lacerations caused by militerised police bearing machetes. A weapon that is used entirely to inspire terror.The tone of the state is clear and as the weeks move on the escalation and threat of violences spirals ever greater.

In the coming days, the resistance commitees of Sudan have called for a major push on the government in which they, as one comrade put it, hope to "write a great heroic epic", by organising a mass sit-in until the regine is overthrown. A tactic which has a long and storied history in Sudan with thousands participating in previous sit-ins, albeit it often met with the brutal, uncaring hands of the police and military.

Our solidarity to those on the streets, for a working class revolution!

(Info via Sudanese Anarchists Gathering)

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Video from the front line (end of March 2022)

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