Dispatch From Khartoum #8


2nd July 2022

The battle with the security forces continues. So far, 9 heroes have been killed.
Many were injured, and many protesters were arrested. (There was) Excessive repression by government forces against unarmed peaceful demonstrators in the city of Khartoum.

These pictures (below) are when we entered the city of Khartoum coming from Omdurman today (30 June) at eight o'clock and the battle is still going on. We reached the center of Khartoum and we merged with the revolutionaries there and now heading to the presidential palace.

Yes, there are sit ins (a protest stratergy with heritage in Sudan and the struggle against the government especially) The Al Jawda Sit-in in khartoum city , The second is in Omdurman.

From time to time we make tours to the presidential palace to consume government forces
Then we return again to participate in the sit-in.

For both the Anarchist gatherings and the people, the goal is the same, and that is the overthrow of the military regime.

Sudanese Anarchists' Gathering
(Mild editing from Organise)


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Marching into the City.
A blockade on a bridge. Shortly after this they would pull the containers down and take them.
A Sit-In begins
And remains into the night.
Two Rebels attack a pick up full of riot police.
Some of the fallen so far.

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29th July 2022
Where next for young trans healthcare?

Although the NHS are not (yet) shutting down all care for young trans people, this change will not make things any better or easier for them and may risk making things even worse. Changing from one clinic to two clinics doesn't fix the problems with trans healthcare: treatment will still be kept behind psychological examinations and having to prove to a doctor that you are "trans enough" to get care.

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26th July 2022
RIOT: Civil Unrest | Red & Black Gamers

Riot: Civil Unrest is a pretty interesting educational tool. It gives players a sense of how chaotic the aforementioned uprisings were, while allowing them to choose how things play out. Sadly, the game is plagued with somewhat buggy and unresponsive AI, which is the game’s near-fatal flaw.

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25th July 2022
What the Corona Virus Pandemic Can Teach Us About Security Culture | Theory And Analysis

It is rare that there are paradigm shifts in our security practices either because of changing circumstances or new technologies. These things often happen slowly and in ways we don’t notice until we retrospect over long periods of time. We don’t have the opportunity to see a drastic change and compare how things were before and after.

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8th July 2022
The Night of Blunt Knives | Current Events

It was the corrupting influence of power that turned Boris Johnson into that pathetic shell of a human that we know him as today. It was power that made the Tory rats flee the sinking ship at the very last possible moment. And it is power that will continue to make our lives worse, unless we do something about it.

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4th July 2022
Mass executions in Balochistan | International

Generally the Islamic Republic executed 27 Balochs in the course of 22 days in June 2022. Since the beginning of 2022, 62 Baloch prisoners got executed in the prisons of the Islamic Republic, which is a double increase compared to last year. This means, that even though the Balochs make up only 5% of the Iranian population, they make up more than 21% of the executed.

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28th June 2022
Dispatch From Khartoum #7 | International

The dream is not a solid block, but rather a stairway that is climbed with perseverance and steps, and the journey itself is just as beautiful as reaching the destination.

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