Dispatch From Khartoum #8


2nd July 2022

The battle with the security forces continues. So far, 9 heroes have been killed.
Many were injured, and many protesters were arrested. (There was) Excessive repression by government forces against unarmed peaceful demonstrators in the city of Khartoum.

These pictures (below) are when we entered the city of Khartoum coming from Omdurman today (30 June) at eight o'clock and the battle is still going on. We reached the center of Khartoum and we merged with the revolutionaries there and now heading to the presidential palace.

Yes, there are sit ins (a protest stratergy with heritage in Sudan and the struggle against the government especially) The Al Jawda Sit-in in khartoum city , The second is in Omdurman.

From time to time we make tours to the presidential palace to consume government forces
Then we return again to participate in the sit-in.

For both the Anarchist gatherings and the people, the goal is the same, and that is the overthrow of the military regime.

Sudanese Anarchists' Gathering
(Mild editing from Organise)


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Marching into the City.
A blockade on a bridge. Shortly after this they would pull the containers down and take them.
A Sit-In begins
And remains into the night.
Two Rebels attack a pick up full of riot police.
Some of the fallen so far.

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