Dispatch From Khartoum #6


29th May 2022

May 21st via Sudanese Anarchists Gathering
The demonstrations in the capital, Khartoum, witnessed excessive repression and a large number of injuries, and one martyr was martyred. The Khartoum Resistance Coordination Committees announced the revolutionary escalation and paralysis throughout the capital by barricading the streets. Atleast one person was killed by the police forces. Martyr Muhammad Khalid glory and immortality to him.

Martyr Muhammad Khalid
This is the policeman who gave the orders to kill protesters today in Omdurman

Yes, it is horrific and oppressive without any mercy. Damn the governments, we will continue until they bring them down

We resist, we don't compromise.

May 28th Via The Resistence Committee

"In the name of the rebellious and steadfast Sudanese people, we pray for God’s mercy to be bestowed upon the souls of the honorable martyrs, and we also send our sincere prayers to the injured for a speedy recovery.

Today, Al-Kalakla revolutionaries marched in procession, announcing a revolutionary escalation against the coup. They fulfilled their promise by filling the streets with chants.

As usual, the processions were met with extreme violence by the forces of the coup military authority, using a variety of weapons against the peaceful processions, including live bullets, shotgun shells, and tear gas grenades against the peaceful protesters, resulting in a large number of casualties among Al-Kalakla revolutionaries, some of whom were serious and in an unstable condition, leading to the death of two martyrs:

  • The martyr Alaa Al Din Adil, Live bullet shot to the chest.
  • The martyr Izz Al Din Al Noor, suffocation from tear gas.

They were killed by the same individuals who never ceased shedding the blood of the Sudanese in order to maintain power and protect the interests of the dark forces.

We call on all comrades in the resistance committees and the forces rejecting the coup to intensify their efforts and reach the peak of the resistance and revolutionary action that leads to the overthrow of the coup in the coming period by regularly taking to the streets and working to ensure the success of the strikes and vigils.

Media Office
May 28, 2022"

The resistence continues daily. They go out and face live ammunition from shotguns and AK47's aswell as water cannons, tear gas, and melee weapons. The state is murdering people almost daily. The struggle continues.

(Info via Sudanese Anarchists Gathering)

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