Dispatch From Khartoum #5


5th May 2022

April 24th - Kereinik, Darfur, Militias gathered on 250 motorcycles to the North, To the West they were on horseback. Government Rapid Support Forces took the East and the South blocking escape.

Gunfire would rage through the day, on the 25th footage of burning buildings with gunfire in the background would turn up on like. Militia men laughing over the burning buildings.

This is the second massacre that has been perpetrated in the Kereinik area in the city of Al-Geneina. The RSF has been involved in such massacres against the weak and helpless in Darfur since 2003 our Sudanese comrades write:

“Sometimes the situation is calm there, and sometimes they are subjected to massacres. This is a big event and it will happen more, but things will change and the waterfall of bloodshed and the killing of innocents in our community will stop, if the revolution is victorious and the tyrants are uprooted.

And we, the anarchists, will work hard for the victory of the revolution, despite the violence that the government follows towards the revolutionaries and is trying hard to abort the revolution.

But no way, we will not allow that”.

May 4th - It was a great day, we did a heroic epic against the government forces despite the brutal suppression of the fascist government forces, we were in a state of steadfastness and resistance. The government forces tried new tactics and the addition of police dogs and horses to clamp down on the rebels.

Unfortunately one protestor Mojtaba, a resident of Al-Sahafa City, Khartoum State, was ran over by government forces, He was taken to hospital by his comrades but died becuase of the sheer trauma and number of broken bones.

(Info via Sudanese Anarchists Gathering)

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22nd June 2022

The player is instructed to deliver 20 CVs (job applications/resumes) into “submission boxes,” which are appropriately trashcans, scattered throughout a nearly deserted city, the only inhabitants being Scotty, the Centrelink desk clerk, and a giant floating Scott Morrison head. I’m not kidding.

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21st June 2022
A Twisted History of the USA | Review

Suffice it, then, to say that this is not a history text in any real sense. Certainly, it contains historical claims and some of these are true. Others are half true, and others still are simply wrong or ill-thought.

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21st June 2022
Support The Rail Workers Strike! | Current Events

If you support every worker getting a pay rise, please support our actions on the 21st, 23rd and 25th June.

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20th June 2022
London Demands Better | Current Events

The cost of living crisis is a crisis of capitalism. You don't have to be an expert in economics to understand that a sudden rise in inflation without increases in pay leaves many unable to afford the very basics of life.

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18th June 2022
Pastries, Freedom, and Love | Interview

The Commoner sat down with Airidescence to discuss the inspirations for their art, how Pastries, Freedom, Love came to be, and what projects are on the horizon for 2022.

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16th June 2022
State and Revolution | Review

Lenin constantly speaks of the destruction of the state mechanism; but he wants to destroy the bourgeois state mechanism to replace it with another, equally bureaucratic and cumbersome, of the communist party.

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