22nd March 2023
France: Against 49.3

When popular opposition to his pension “reform” became too strong, French president Macron desperately resorted to invoking the French constitution's article 49.3 and forcing through his programme without so much as a single vote cast. That night, the streets of Paris spontaneously combusted. Strikes have intensified. Opposition to the reform has only strengthened. Here we […]

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15th March 2023
Alfredo's Fight is Our Fight

Fascists of all stripes love Death. Anarchists are for Life. Whenever they have tried to eliminate us with deportations, wars, provocations and fabrications, the force of freedom, which is the essence of life, has always proved stronger.

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13th March 2023
Show trial justice: Ukrainian human rights activist sentenced to 13 years

After being taken prisoner on 24 June, Maksym Butkevych was kept in the Luhansk remand centre the entire time. Other than a brief call with his parents, there was no communication with Butkevych, and independent Russian lawyer Leonid Solovyov was not allowed to see him.

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9th March 2023
Rest In Power Eduardo | Memoria

On Sunday 26th February, in the small town of Dureno in the Sucumbios region of Ecuador,  two armed men wearing hoods approached the  A’Cofan Indigenous community leader Eduardo Mendúa and shot him twelve times, killing him and his brother Gino Mendúa. 

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5th March 2023
Alfredo Cospito: "I am ready to die"

Today I am ready to die to make the world understand what 41 bis really is. 750 people suffer it without protest, continuously vilified by the mass media. Now it is my turn.

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3rd March 2023
Greece: This was no accident

The unspeakable tragedy of the train collision in Tempe unfortunately reminds us, in the worst possible way, of how the state and capital perceive human life: as a means of making profit - AND ONLY AS THAT.

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1st March 2023
WOMEN, LIFE, FREEDOM | International

Manifesto of Basic Demands by Independent Trade and Civil Organizations of Iran

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23rd February 2023
Putin’s peacemakers

We need to persevere on the side of ordinary people who are resisting the Z-fascist occupiers in Ukraine. At the same time, it is also necessary to stand up to Putin's fifth column and to refuse all kinds of sympathy for aggression, totalitarianism and genocide.

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20th February 2023
Update on Iran: KAF | International

The state, many times, tried to control the situation by reforms through election of its moderate elements and by using general amnesty for activists who have been arrested in the protests but the movement, which seemed to be done, has resurfaced even stronger than the previous one.

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15th February 2023
France: The Strike for Life

The technocrats of the start-up nation, worshippers of the globalised and competitive market, endowed with the empathy of a concrete block, promise us an economic slaughterhouse.

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4th February 2023
Against the spy cops, our weapon is solidarity

Now this community is facing a dire situation, which has left us feeling attacked and vulnerable. However, we will not submit before this repressive onslaught and we will continue to confront institutional violence with the collective force that we have built.

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19th December 2022
Iran: Revolt or Revolution | International

Beginning to read this you are probably already familiar with certain names or slogans: Zhina (Mahsa) Amini and „Women, Life, Freedom“ (Jin, Jiyan, Azadi). But who was Mahsa? Why this slogan? Is it an uprising or a revolution, happening before our eyes in Iran?

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