29th May 2023
The Anarchists of Electric Yerevan | Armenia

It’s 2015. In Armenia, utility prices have been rising for two years now, and the government is once again announcing a decision to raise prices by 40% - ostensibly to pay off accumulated debts to hydropower plants and the electricity supplier (Electric Networks of Armenia), now in its third year and owned by the Russian monopoly RAO UES. This provoked a wave of indignation and thousands took to the streets.

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25th May 2023
The Women of Turkey's Last Armenian Village | International

The only remaining Armenian village in Turkey's Hatay region is Vak'ëf, which still exists today and is home to around 140 people. In 2005, five of the village’s Armenian women decided to set up their own co-operative. They wanted to promote their self-organisation and economic independence and help develop their village.

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23rd May 2023
Against Their Election | Greece

A key element of contemporary totalitarianism, as expressed by the absolute domination of the state and capitalism in any social field, is the narrative that "there is no alternative". Any narrative submitted to the political scene from the side of domination attempts to convince the social base of the inevitability of their absolute oppression and exploitation.

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11th May 2023
Anti-Repression Work in a Ghost Like Movement | International

...the more time passes in exile, the less comrades we will have around, with almost no influx, since the diasporas are not so numerous and mostly consist of the same tired, traumatised and demoralised migrants...

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8th May 2023
Ukraine | Memoria

This is not a post to debate and discuss the relative merits of the Anarchist and Anti-Authoritarians who chose to defend Ukraine from the Russian Invasion. We're not here to get lost in sophistry, rhetoric, or politic. We're here to remember the fallen.

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5th May 2023
Police repression of a queer party | International

There were 12 women and non-binary people inside. They identified all of us and took down some of our details. They threatened us, yelling "if you had been drunken men, we would have battered you." Another demonstration that machismo and police abuse have been totally normalised.

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5th May 2023
This Is America #186 | St. Elmo's Ire

May Day; Fight Against Cop City Continues; Cleveland Anarchist Killed in Ukraine

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4th May 2023
France In Flames | International

Today, the movement has reached another stage. In response to the intensification of the struggle and the diversification of tactics and battlefronts, police have dramatically escalated the violence with which they are targeting demonstrators. Even corporate business media like the The Financial Times are criticizing Macron’s repressive and authoritarian handling of the movement.

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27th April 2023

It is with pain in our hearts that we wish to inform you of a terrible tragedy. On April 19, 2023, our comrade and friend, the Russian anarchist Dmitry Petrov, better known to you as Ilya "Leshy", died in the battle for the crucial road to Bakhmut.

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18th April 2023
Unmasking Infiltration

They fear us more than we thought, they believe we are more capable than we do ourselves. Our ideas and practices threaten the foundations of exploitation and devastation, on which the oppression that we face every day is built. This is why they come after us.

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17th April 2023
Dispatch from Khartoum #10 | International

We are not neutral, because we are in a peaceful battle since the era of the ousted al-Bashir until now, against the militarization of the country and the control of guns on the streets.

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28th March 2023
Armenia: refugee squatters and their struggles

As the Azeri state’s genocidal blockade of Artsakh continues, refugees from the besieged region have found little help from the Armenian state. Unable to find any place to shelter them, many of these refugees took to squatting abandoned buildings. Since 2018, about 120 refugee families have squatted the former Ministry of Defence building, fixing it […]

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