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11th August 2023
Learning from the Flames | St. Elmo's Ire

In response, thousands of people in the outlying banlieues of Paris and other French cities engaged in several days of pitched revolt..

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24th June 2023
Russian Anarchists on the Wagner Mutiny | St. Elmo's Ire

"Here, we have hurriedly translated two statements from Russian anarchist groups. Both, of necessity, are underground groups: one is based in Siberia, and the other is the Anarcho-Communist Combat Organization, which we interviewed last year."

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5th May 2023
This Is America #186 | St. Elmo's Ire

May Day; Fight Against Cop City Continues; Cleveland Anarchist Killed in Ukraine

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24th April 2023
"Atlanta Police and Georgia State Patrol Are Guilty of Murder" | St. Elmo's Ire

The text of this peice/zine draws on the autopsy of the Dekalb County Medical Examiner to debunk the police narrative about the events of January 18 and explore what the police stand to gain from lying to us.

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7th April 2023
"Atlanta Police and Georgia State Patrol Are Guilty of Murder" | St. Elmo's Ire

Attention IGD listeners on Pacifica radio! It’s Going Down is moving from Fridays at 12 NOON to Wednesdays at 11 AM – 12 PM NOON, right between Letters and Politics and Against the Grain

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30th March 2023
"France in Flames" | St. Elmo's Ire

"Macron is relying on lethal police violence to crush a powerful movement against his pension reform. Will he succeed?

An overview and analysis including translated accounts from the streets."

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23rd March 2023
"France: The Movement against the Pension Reform" | St. Elmo's Ire

"In France, a new surge of protest activity has erupted against the government of Emmanuel Macron in response to an unpopular pension reform. This promises to be the most powerful unrest in France since the Yellow Vest movement. In the following introduction and translation, we explore the roots, forms, and prospects of this movement."

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17th March 2023
"Disasters of State: On the Earthquakes in Turkey and Syria" | St. Elmo's Ire

On February 6, 2023, two earthquakes of magnitude 7.8 and 7.7 hit southern Turkey and Northern and Western Syria, inflicting tremendous damage. The death tolls are currently estimated at over 48,400 in Turkey and 7200 in Syria. The following texts offer two different vantage points on the ways that the Turkish and Syrian governments not only failed to protect their subjects but used this catastrophe as an opportunity to consolidate power and target their adversaries via neglect, blockading, and even bombing.

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14th March 2023
"Dungeons and Dugin: How an Alliance of Authoritarians Hopes to Destroy a Politics of Solidarity" | St. Elmo's Ire

"On this episode of the It’s Going Down podcast, we speak with Rob from The Right Podcast, and unpack the grifters and influencers pushing a “populist” alliance against “wokeness” on the tankie Left and fascist far-Right." This is an extract from a piece written by It's Going Down. To read that piece Click Here. ■ […]

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11th March 2023
"After Neo-Nazis Threaten March by Trans Youth, Proud Boys Associate Pulls Gun While Sacramento Police Look On" | St. Elmo's Ire

A short piece on the reporting of It's Going Down.

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