11th October 2019
Blizzard Boycott | RBG

You probably haven’t heard of Blitzchung but he has just cost Activision Blizzard and their subsidiary Blizzard Entertainment billions.

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13th September 2019
Hongkongers Ain't Nothing To Fuck With | International

When we talk about Hong Kong fighting for “democracy” we cannot frame it in our own context. It is a colony population fighting for the rights to self determination and autonomy. For older generations this means appealing to the former colonial masters for help, for the younger it means revolutionary action.

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21st August 2019
Tank Top | Comics

One for the Western so-called socialists who keep defending China's authoritarianism. Just imagine that the back has a pair of crossed QBZ-95s and says "I RESPECT THE POLICE, STAND FOR THE FLAG, AND UPHOLD XI JINPING THOUGHT. DOES THAT OFFEND YOU, SNOWFLAKE?"

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