North East Anarchist Group Launch Statement

16th March 2019

“North East Anarchist Group is an anti-capitalist, anti-fascist & intersectional synthesis group / collective based in north east England.

In the near future we are hoping to provide a platform for anarchists and libertarian socialists in the local area, so that we can build a larger sense of class consciousness in a region that has been decimated by needless and cruel Tory austerity and deprivation. We wish to foster a sense of community surrounding radical anti-authoritarian politics, as well as actually building the mutual aid networks that people need.

We are proud to work with comrades locally, nationwide and internationally in order to bring an end to exploitation, imperialism and unjust hierarchies, and to help each individual obtain the opportunity and freedom to maximise their own development on their own terms. We believe that through mutual aid, solidarity and cooperation we can begin to put the world’s wealth and land back under common control for the benefit of all”. ■

North East Anarchist Group


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15th May 2024
Gaza Aid Direct | Mutual Aid

When discussing the on-going situation in Palestine we are often asked “What can I do?” and “Who would you suggest I give aid too?”. Our answer is Gaza Aid Direct, the organisers of which our members can vouch for and assure. “We're fundraising for those under assault in Rafah, so far we've sent 59 families […]

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9th June 2021
Resist G7 | Information

From 7pm on 9 June there is an arboricultural study camp set up at the Holifield Farm Project in Cornwall. Given a large focus of many people joining to Resist G7 is care for nature and the environment, we have also been invited to come along, camp and take part.

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6th May 2021
Commication from Colombia's ULET (AIT) | Statement

We, the anarchists, express ourselves in resounding opposition to the simple actions, which is to make a parade along the Séptima Avenue. Instead, we call for an indefinite General Strike, that leads to move the status quo for the benefit of the people: from its local oligarchs and bourgeois minorities, to the wide, long, broad and diverse peoples that make up the majority of the population in of the population in the Colombian region.

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6th May 2021
Bajram Mammadov | Memoria

we will not let this death to be covered up! We demand to know! #WhatHappenedtoBayram

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1st May 2020
Life has stopped, we have not stopped | Statement

We speak as young workers, those who serve their homes closed under the name of corona virus outbreak measures. It is now time to raise our voices, which we maintain between cashiers, we deliver from one cargo engine to another, and we whisper between parcels on our back, and orders in the kitchens.

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27th April 2020
Pronunciation for the dignity of the Yacuiba university | Statement

"We request solidarity support from the student movement, to stop any attempt to violate the grounds of the University Campus of Yacuiba."

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