First ever Clapton CFC Esports social - April 11th

9th April 2019

This Thursday Clapton CFC (everyone's favourite antifascist London footie club) is running their first ever Esports Social. It's at ExFed (199 Eade Road,, N4 1DN) in London from 6:30 'till 10:30. We recon it's a fantastic move by the Tons to bring the antifascist, LGBT+ positive vibe and drive to Esports and heck who doesn't like to hang out and play games?

In their own words:-

“At the last members' meeting, a unanimous decision was taken for Clapton Community Football Club to expand into the realm of video games.
We're beginning by organising gaming socials for Clapton CFC members and non-members alike. Bring yourself, your mum, kids and your pals, whether they're gamers or not!

We'll have arcade machines, consoles and even PC games on offer. There might even be a small Tetris tournament. You can BYOB, there’s a cheap bar and stone-baked pizza next door too


  1. “Oh, but I'm not a gamer…”
    It doesn't matter! Come and hang out with the members, staff and players of CCFC, have a tinnie or juice, spectate and maybe get involved with a game – retro or new – that you’ll certainly have played at some point.
  2. 'What games we will be playing?”
    We have a load of them pre-installed so the choice will be huge. Anything you wish, really! Suggestions are definitely welcome.
  3. “I want to help organise this! Can I?”
    Amaaaazing! Please DM CCFC and we'll get you in touch with the mini committee organising the socials.
  4. “What should/can I bring?”
    Bring your own hardware if you want to (controllers, mice, keyboards, joysticks). If you have something cool to show off, bring banners, leaflets for your cause, anything!
  5. “Is this for kids only?”
    Absolutely not! This is for all ages! You'll be surprised how many older nerds there are!”

All in all looks like a great event and hopefully it'll encourage a series of similar events around the country why not? So if you're in London this Thursday, got your peripherals and banners packed and get down to Exfed. This is exactly the kind of stuff red and black gamers all over should be getting up to.


Got a similar event happening? Let us know!

Here is the Facebook Event

and the page forClapton CFC

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