Let's Talk about solidarity, autonomy and decentralisation...

24th April 2019

While talking about solidarity and being in it together, XR reflect the SWP/SuTR and their like by pretending to be the only group in town... I've looked hard and haven't seen a single comment of solidarity for Earth Strike who have an international date of action on the 27th, Earth First who kick of a Land Justice occupation in May of even the Green Anti Capitalist Front who even took action in solidarity with XR on Monday by trying to storm the Stock Exchange and blockading Bank Intersection. Did they get a tag and a share? Of course not, some wore masks, resisted arrest and didn't flash the brand, despite a welcome from the folk on the street, they took obvious heat from the organisers, who like the TUC and any number of liberal organisers didn't want to be associated with the type of folk who might be willing to pay attention to a Starbucks window.

The issue here it that the Green Anti Capitalist Front bent over backward to show solidarity with the Extinction Rebellion organisers, they shared in their After action report;

“We were approached, not for the first time, by people relieved to see an alternative to liberal dogma of non-violence and police collaboration. It was clear, however, that the organisers and peace police were not as keen to welcome us and they were overheard telling each other to keep an eye on our group. “

They returned on Sunday to the Marple Arch encampment to talk about anti-capitalism and the diverse array of stratergies that folk might want to take up, despite quite a few folk paying active interest once again, the silence from XR (who post on twitter very regularly) is deafening.

They want you to hear their voice. Just their voice.
They are the only show in town.


This is not how revolutionary movements work.

The LGBT+ communities came out hard for Miners, The Anarchist scene is taking on vast trauma purging transphobes from the movement and being over in their solidarity with trans actions group such as Sisters Not Cisters and XR has.... errr... I assume they've mentioned the Climate Strike?

Perhaps they don't want to upset the cops... Do you think they'll mention May day?... maybe they don't want to upset the bosses...

Revolutions are diverse in nature and are composed of fragments working together and for this you need Autonomy and Decentraisation.

XR claim both these things, and yet there is a hierarchy and structure in place... sure it's efficient. BP is efficient. The realitiy is that there is a de-facto hierarchy, and it peels out in layers... It exhibits itself in curious ways, whether that's chastising activists for not holding the party line...telling people with masks on to go away or organising “30 arrestables at Waterloo now” there is a chain of comman

Away from the central cores influence we've seen a wide variety of actions from garden on the rail tracks going into a fossile fuel power plant by XR Portland to the blockading of the international criminal court in Netherlands.... Heck look at the US itself which developed the key demands because they were distinctly aware of colonialism and ethnicity based social stratification and knew that it's appealing that the core team spent all this time setting this up and never thought to add it.

But here in the UK?
After a week of telling the sacrificial lambs they were here to stay until their demands were met on the eve of a Citizens Assembly to decide how to take the next week, the internal channels are sent a stand down message... the “rebels” are commended for their actions and told now the core network will be handling things, Phase two was beginning, stand down from occupations and now we follow the grand scheme – no one had any say in – and start working with the government, essentially the capitulation of the "occupational forces" and a new wave of collaboration with the state.

This is not how autonomous and decentralised networks work, this is hierarchy and it smacks of the sort of hidden authoritarianism that pollutes so many of these movements. It means that who ever decides to stay and continue the struggle faces being disowned as ...well whatever their term for a “counter revolutionary” is.. you either buck the line or you're out... you're not with us.

You know what that is?


At time of writing two Citizens Assemblies are planned, I wonder if they will be open debates on what to do next or “this is the next step” information downloads.
I truly hope they reassess the manner in which the core groups intentions are forced upon the street teams and regional groups.

Personally I'd love to see some of the crews break off and occupy Finsbury Square or St. Pauls with their occupational heritage and hold out until the 27th.. Mayday... and beyond. Maybe they could follow their American comrades who stripped of core pressure and granted the liberty of autonomy are miles ahead of the UK crew is their Debt Is A Hurricane | Puerto Rico Contingency May Day action is anything to go by.

If you are in a XR crew like the one in Cardiff or Nottingham, talk to your people and develop your stratergies! The power it yours!

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