15th June 2023
Refugees Murdered by the State | Greece

Violence, internment and death has met refugees everywhere they turn. The white supremacist fortress commonly known as “Europe” responds to people fleeing devastation with even more devastation. From Greece to Britain, people die every day, trapped between the borders and in the concentration camps of the so-called “free world”. Yesterday, another boat sunk in the […]

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23rd May 2023
Against Their Election | Greece

A key element of contemporary totalitarianism, as expressed by the absolute domination of the state and capitalism in any social field, is the narrative that "there is no alternative". Any narrative submitted to the political scene from the side of domination attempts to convince the social base of the inevitability of their absolute oppression and exploitation.

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3rd March 2023
Greece: This was no accident

The unspeakable tragedy of the train collision in Tempe unfortunately reminds us, in the worst possible way, of how the state and capital perceive human life: as a means of making profit - AND ONLY AS THAT.

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30th November 2021
Detained and Banned from Europe | Witness

Guards come and laugh at me through the bars of my cell.

“You’re the English, right?”, they ask me. “What are you doing here?”

“You tell me,” I say, for the hundredth time. But they just laugh, and wander off.

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17th November 2021
A Normal Life | Review

A Normal Life is a love letter to freedom.

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2nd October 2019
NO PASARAN! | Report

The follow is a Report on the NO PASARAN! demonstration of September 14th from comrades with the Anarchist Political Organisation (APO) of Greece.

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26th August 2019
Solidarity with Exarcheia! | Statement

The Anarchist Federation is expressing its full support to everyone in Exarcheia.

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30th May 2019
Statement Against Repression of Resistance in Greece

After being identified following the attack of the Parliment on May 21st - An action in support of Dimitris Koufontinas, a comrade imprisoned for life on a hunger strike - two activists must collect 60,000 euros before 14 June, otherwise they will spend 10 years in jail.

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