Current Events

1st May 2021
Since 2010 At Least 1300 Women and Children Have Been Sexually or Physically Attacked by UK Cops. PT 1 | Theory and Analysis

I’m not a data scientist, I’m just a blogger with time on his hands and a limited knowledge of Excel. The biggest insight I can offer is: Why the fuck is no one counting this?

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30th April 2021
IFA Communiqué - Mayday 2021 | Statement

Now, more than ever, it is necessary to strengthen the internationalist dimension of anarchism, to oppose the ongoing authoritarian processes and to relaunch a revolutionary perspective in a world that capitalism and state have brought to the point of collapse.

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29th April 2021
Updates from Tigray | International

To try to suppress the stories even though everyone knows what is going on speaks to a regime unburdened by any need to justify its own actions

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21st April 2021
Tories Fuel Housing Crisis | In Brief

As long as our society is structured around housing as property that can be speculated on and not a necessity that everyone should have access to, this crisis will continue regardless of how many houses are built or how much support is promised to those in need of a home.

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4th April 2021
A Day In Myanmar | International


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4th April 2021
Nazi Cop Convicted | In Brief

Organisations like the police and army provide a fertile recruiting ground for the far right.

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29th March 2021
I Had My Hands Up | Witness

That night, other protesters – anarchists and others – took care of me, while police beat the shit out of us

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25th March 2021
A Genocide with the Lights Turned Off | International

In many ways, the situation in Tigray is not only devastatingly sad, but completely disheartening. Aid still can’t get through. The communications blackout is a conscious attempt to foreclose on solidarity, a war without photos.

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24th March 2021
Flowers and Batons | Current Events

Never seen anything like it. We were charged at down the street by multiple charging horses and police with dogs.

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22nd March 2021
What actually happened in Bristol – and how a narrative is built | Current Events

That isolated van from earlier got spray painted, and then set alight, amazing how forgetful police are with one or two vehicles during every major protest.

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16th March 2021
Anarchist Federation Joins the Resist G7 Coalition | Statements

A few days after our federation meeting in February 2021, the AF reached internal consensus on joining the Resist G7 Coalition, a network of organisations from diverse political backgrounds who have come together to stand against the summit.

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14th March 2021
Shame On You Met. Police | Current Events

This isn't about covid regulations.
It's about women not doing what they are told. It's about a display of force from an organisation which has hundreds of domestic violence incidents within it each year. It's about Sarah Everard and She Was Just Walking Home.

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