Dispatch from Khartoum #9


18th October 2022

Regular demonstrations involving thousands of people continue.

A demonstration on Thursday (October 13th) in the capital, Khartoum, so thousands head towards the palace. The focus of the day was to prevent the militarization of judges after the release of military criminals who killed the revolutionaries in the previous demonstrations. The revolutionaries chanted, “The people want to overthrow the judiciary.”

These cries have no end or deterrent, neither the militarization of the judiciary, nor political maliciousness, nor the UN Security Council, nor the bullets of proof, nor the malice of the Islamic movement.

Our slogan will be raised in large demonstrations such as next October 25, all walls will be decorated with the liberation slogan, and it will be raised above the police armoured vehicles and above the palace on Victory Day. As for the small demonstrations, we continue to raise the flags of the brave martyrs.

One such revolutionary event in Al-Kalakla area of Khartoum. Saw hundreds gather. The police tried to intervene but were forced to flee.

The capitalist system is collapsing. Our revolution is a cumulative action since the coup of the Islamic movement in 1989 in the month of June. The revolutionaries were a minority. With the broadcast of revolutionary action, the September revolution erupted in 2013. Then came the December revolution of year 2018 and until the moment it continues, and the revolution has become a daily practice. It has become an addiction to us until the rule of the individual is overthrown and the people rule themselves. We will not accept any political settlement and we will fight until the last breath. And the revolution here has become of all generations. Children go out in demonstrations. It will be from generation to generation until victory.

Sudanese Anarchists' Gathering
(Compositon by Organise)

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