Dispatch from Khartoum #11


23rd June 2023

We are still in the capital, Khartoum. The humanitarian situation is very difficult. The Rapid Support militia steals and kills citizens' cars and storms homes, noting that the militia controls all residential areas in the capital, except in northern Omdurman, which is controlled by the army. The Rapid Support militia no longer has camps, except for two camps, which are the Saleh camp in Omdurman and the Taiba camp in Khartoum. They control the largest petroleum refinery in Sudan, which is the Al-Jili refinery, which is located in the city of Khartoum North. Militias control all residential areas in the city of Khartoum North, east of the Nile, the city of Khartoum and south of Omdurman. The army is only inside its camps in these cities, and it attacks with heavy artillery, aviation, and sometimes by infantry. Also, the militias attack the camps with heavy artillery and infantry.

The situation is very miserable and the situation in Darfur is very violent. Everyone in the city of El Geneina was subjected to burning, killing and displacement, and now El Geneina is just a name devoid of human or animal appearances. Only a few trees that survived this genocide against the people of Darfur loom.

Sudanese Anarchists' Gathering

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4th October 2023
Means and Ends | Review

Means and Ends is as robust as its research and the argumentation is as clear as the general prose styling.

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21st September 2023
Toby Shone - Recalled To Prison | International

On the morning of 19 September 2023, he was driving to an appointment with his probation officer when he was pulled over and arrested by an armed police unit in-between the Forest of Dean and Gloucester.

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8th September 2023
How Britain Enabled Genocide | International

Every genocide in history has had its foreign backers and profiteers. Prince Andrew, BP and the Tories of the APPGA should rightfully be seen no differently than the fascist sympathisers, industrialists and aristocrats that supported the Nazis.

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25th August 2023
A Wall Is Just A Wall, It Can Be Destroyed | International

Resistance also occurs in a form that is not at all confrontational, or in a very passive way. This is for example by pretending not to hear calls or orders, or pretending not to see officers present. Prison life is, in places, like a cat and mouse hide and seek.

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23rd August 2023
Dispatch from Khartoum #12 | International

"... The electricity and water supply line has been disrupted since last Saturday due to artillery shelling, and the maintenance crew has been prevented by the Rapid Support militia and the army militia.

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11th August 2023
Learning from the Flames | St. Elmo's Ire

In response, thousands of people in the outlying banlieues of Paris and other French cities engaged in several days of pitched revolt..

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